ANNOUNCING: The Melges 14 Tour

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14 March 2017

Melges 14 Tour



ZENDA, Wisc. (March 14, 2017) Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to announce the Melges 14 Tour, a national series of try-it-out demo days and regattas. The Melges Team will be hitting the road with a trailer full of Melges 14s so anyone can test sail the new boat.

The Melges 14 Tour will come to Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, and more. The inaugural event of the Tour is the Melges 14 Midwinter Championship in Sarasota, Florida March 17-19, where 25 boats will hit the starting line. The Lake Geneva Challenge at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club June 10-11 will certainly be a highlight of the Tour. Sailors can charter boats for any of the four regattas on the Melges 14 Tour.

“The Melges Team is launching the Melges 14 Tour so that curious sailors have the opportunity to try out the boat and see how much fun it really is,” said Andy Burdick, President of Melges Performance Sailboats, “Contact us so we can get you set up.”

Shoreline Sailboats, New York’s Melges 14 dealer, is organizing the New York Circuit of the Melges 14 Tour, a series of Tour Stops for Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York. New Yorkers can contact Shoreline Sailboats to add an event.

“Once you get a tiller in your hand, tuck your toes in the straps, and take this rocket out for a sail, you’ll see that this new boat is really changing the game for singlehanded dinghy sailing,” said Bob Hillier of Line Honors, a Melges 14 owner.

Anyone is welcome to see & try a new boat at any time: See new boat production at Melges Performance Sailboats in Zenda, Wisconsin, then try out the new boat on Lake Geneva.

Designed by Reichel/Pugh and built by Melges in Zenda, Wisconsin, USA, the Melges 14 is a modern one-design racing boat and also has the ability to sail with two people. The boat is 14 feet and features a large, open cockpit so no bailing is required. A carbon mast and boom complements its modern, flexible sail plan with three rigs: Gold (98 sq. ft.), Blue (85 sq. ft.), and Red (58 sq. ft.). Sailors can order a custom Melges 14 dolly, car top it or tow it behind any vehicle. Used as a beach boat, a family-style sailboat or a one-design racing platform, the Melges 14 was honored as Sailing World’s 2016 Boat of the Year – Best Dinghy. With fleets in North America, Europe, and Asia, the Melges 14 is emerging as a true high performance one-design racing boat, just two years after its introduction.

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Sarasota, Florida

Melges 14 Midwinter Championship at Sarasota Sailing Squadron 3/17-19


Lake Lanier, Georgia

Georgia Melges 14 Tour Stop at Lake Lanier Sailing Club 3/25


Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tennessee Melges 14 Tour Stop at Privateer Yacht Club 3/26


Norfolk, Virginia

Melges 14 Mid-Atlantic Regatta & Demo at Norfolk Yacht & Country Club 4/22-23


Annapolis, Maryland 

Maryland Melges 14 Tour Stop at the West River Sailing Club 4/30


Holland, Michigan

Western Michigan Melges 14 Tour Stop at the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club 6/4


Rochester, New York

Rochester Melges 14 Tour Stop with Shoreline Sailboats at Rochester High School Sailing 5/24


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor Melges 14 Tour Stop at Michigan Sailing Club 6/3


Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Melges 14 Tour Stop


Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva Challenge at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club 6/10-11 

Geneva Lake Sailing School Dinghy Fest Championship's Melges 14 Championship 7/13 

Anytime on Lake Geneva – Come to Melges to see & try the Melges 14!


Waterport, New York

Waterport Melges 14 Tour Stop with Shoreline Sailboats at Oak Orchard Harbor 7/2


Geneseo, New York

Consesus Lake Melges 14 Tour Stop with Shoreline Sailboats at Long Point Park 7/15


Rochester, New York

Melges 14 Tour Stop with Shoreline Sailboats at Rochester Yacht Club’s Junior Olympic Regatta 7/28-30


Delavan, Wisconsin

Delavan Melges 14 Tour Stop at the Delavan Lake Yacht Club 7/30


Crystal Lake, Michigan

Crystal Lake Melges 14 Tour Stop at WMYA Championship Regatta 8/2-5


Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana

Melges 14 Summer Championship at Maxinkuckee Yacht Club 8/11-13


Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis Boat Show 10/5-9





For more than 70 years, Melges has proudly delivered superior-built scows and sportboats around the world and now offers the Melges 14 and Melges 40. Melges Performance Sailboats provides continuous customer service and product support unlike anyone else. Every Melges boat is signed, sealed, endorsed and delivered race ready by the best, for the best. For more information about Melges Performance Sailboats, visit



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