2016 News Archive

May 26

Marenghi Vaselli Defends His Leadership Of The 2016 Melges 20 World Series

May 23

Showdown At The Shakedown - Pete Comfort Wins Grand Rapids MC Spring Shakedown

May 19

School’s In Session

May 18

Early Bird Entry Deadline In Two Weeks For The 2016 Melges 24 Europeans In Hyeres

May 10

Kelowna, Canada Hosts the First Stage of the 2016 North American Melges 24 Tour

May 8

No Breeze, No Racing — Rombelli Wins Sailing Series® Melges 20 Regatta

May 7

Tight At The Top In Porto Ercole

May 6

Rombelli Handles Early Lead In Porto Ercole

May 5

The Melges 20 Chase Is On

May 2

Keller Wins The 2016 Cow Town Classic

May 1

Balestrero Wins Porto Ercole

Apr 30

Balestrero Moves Into Porto Ercole Lead

Apr 29

Inga Stands Tall On Day One

Apr 28

The Future Has Arrived — Melges Performance Sailboats Presents the RE-Volutionary Melges 40

Apr 27

Melges 32s Prepare For Action In Porto Ercole

Apr 26

The RE-Volution Of One Design Racing is Coming…

Apr 25

Lucas Wins E-Scow Regatta In Charleston!

Apr 25

Wilkens Leads After Four Races

Apr 25

Challenging First Day At The E-Scow Regatta Charleston 2016

Apr 22

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 2016 Cedar lake Yacht Club - Spring Championship - May 14-15

Apr 20

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 2016 Melges 17 Nationals and ILYA Championship, July 7-9

Apr 17

Charleston Shimmers

Apr 17

Section 16 Takes All in Porto Venere

Apr 16

New Leadership on All Fronts at Melges 20 Nationals in Charleston

Apr 16

Breezy Conditions Give Way to Fantastic and Fun Day Two in Porto Venere

Apr 15

Charleston Midnight Blue Magic

Apr 15

Davies Takes Overall Lead In Porto Venere

Apr 13

Big Melges 20 Fleet Racing In Store For Porto Venere

Apr 13

Melges Performance Sailboats - Melges MC Scow - Your New Melges MC Is Waiting For You!

Apr 11

2015 Melges X Boat Demonstrator Boat Now For Sale!

Apr 11

Spot On In Porto Venere

Apr 9

Mascalzone Latino Strikes Back

Apr 8

Porto Venere Delivers Super Tight Melges 32 Racing on Day One

Apr 4

2016 Melges 24 European Sailing Series - EFG Bank And Team Kesbeke/Sika/Gill Victorious At The Season Opener In Portoroz

Apr 4

DeVos Wins Lauderdale Cup, Takes Home 2016 Blue Water Series Trophy, Kiss Conquers Corinthian Division

Apr 2

Tight Racing Leads Melges 32 Blue Water Series Teams Into Final Day of Intense Competition

Apr 1

Fountain of Youth

Apr 1

2016 Melges 24 European Sailing Series Poor Conditions Halt The Start Of The Season

Apr 1

2016 Melges 24 European Sailing Series Will Kick Off This Weekend

Mar 30

Flat Out Racing

Mar 18

Melges Europe Introduces Ventana Group To Reserve The Best Travel Management System For Melges Teams Only

Mar 14

2016 Melges 14 European Test & Fun Tour Revs Up

Mar 14

Jeremy Pape Wins 2016 MC Scow Midwinters

Mar 11

Smokin' At Mids

Mar 9

Zenda University Graduating Class 2016 - Lake Eustis, Florida - 20th Year In A Row For Zenda University!

Mar 6

Pacific Yankee Power - Freides Wins First Major Melges 20 Regatta

Mar 5

Hunting For Rhyme or Reason

Mar 4

Tough Conditions Solved by Swift Magic

Mar 3

High Stakes in South Florida at the 2016 Melges 20 Miami Winter Series

Feb 27

Top Fuel - 2016 Melges 20 World Series Tour Is Underway

Feb 24

A Sporty Resolution

Feb 16

2016 Melges X Boat Racing — Spring is Almost Here!

Feb 14

Gold For Inga, A Corinthian Kind of Day

Feb 13

Big Shuffle, Big Shifts Take Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta into Final Day of Competition

Feb 12

Teams Face Off In Challenging Racing Conditions at the 2016 Melges 32 Gold Cup

Feb 11

2016 Primo Cup Spotlight on Melges 20

Feb 10

Solid Gold

Feb 7

Wildman Wins Melges 20 Miami Winter Regatta

Feb 6

Gettin’ Wilder - Melges 20s In Miami

Feb 6


Feb 5

2016 Melges 24 European Championship In Hyères Is Open For Entries

Feb 3

Melges 20 Selected As Sportboat For 2016 Resolute Cup

Jan 13

Get Ready to Meet the 2016 Boat of The Year, Best Dinghy... The Melges 14 - Visit Melges at Strictly Sail Chicago - 2016 January 14-18!

Jan 12

Shoreline Sailboats Named New Melges 14 Dealer

Jan 7

The Melges E Scow Will Be On Display — Visit Melges at Strictly Sail Chicago - 2016 January 14-18

Jan 6

Thank You, Hank Stuart - The Championship Coordinator Of The Melges 24 Class!

Jan 5

Visit Melges at Strictly Sail Chicago - 2016 January 14-18, MC Scow Will Be On Display!

Jan 1

Happy New Year from Melges - Thank YOU!