The International 29er | 29erXX.

Dynamic Speed. Competitive Fun.

In Performance One Design Racing.

Product Overview
Length 14 ft 5 in 4.40 m
Length | 29erXX 14 ft 6 in 4.45 m
Beam 5 ft 7 in 1.70 m
Beam | 29erXX 5 ft 8 in 1.77 m
Full Fitted Hull Weight 190 lbs 90 kg
Mast Height Above Sheer 20 ft 5 in 6.25 m
Mast Height Above Sheer | 29erXX 21 ft 8 in 6.655 m
Sail Area
Main and Jib 141.97 sq ft 13.19 m2
Main and Jib | 29erXX 161.45 sq ft 15 m2
Asymmetrical Spinnaker 181.15 sq ft 16.83 m2
Asymmetrical Spinnaker | 29erXX 204.51 sq ft 19 m2
Total 2
Total On Trapeze| 29erXX 2
Total Weight 265-310 lbs 120-140 kg

Class Association

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Melges 29ers In Zenda

Originally introduced in 1998, Julian Bethwaite’s revolutionary 29er and 29erXX skiffs are pure and simple designs offering super fun, high-speed, competitive rides, hand crafted by Melges in the USA. Recognized worldwide as a new force in youth sailing, the 29er and 29erXX are the perfect boats for high-performance training. Simple control systems and light rig loads create the perfect sailing package for all ages and genders, especially youth sailors, girl teams as well as young male and female adults.

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