Melges 17 Spring Championship - New Champions Declared!

Melges 17 Spring Championship - New Champions Declared! Related topics:

14 May 2006

The rain was gone and the surf was up! Three races were completed and we have new winners in the Melges 17 class! We have had four major championships now for the Melges 17 Class. Each event has declared a new winner.

In 2005 the Nationals were won by Art Brereton. 2006 Midwinters: Brian McMurray. 2006 Easter Regatta Champions: Kirk and Ian Donaldson.

The 2006 Melges 17 Spring Regatta Champions are: Iggy and Andy Labanauskus. Congratulations to this new dynamic duo. They had to conquer all of the above mentioned names in order to win this title and they did it in incredible fashion. It came down to the last race and the last run!

Three boats were tied going into the last heat. Brereton, Donaldson and Bill Wiggins all were tied. Labanauskus was a point back but battled to pass most of these sailors in the final race to win the regatta. Sailing with a brand new boat that was definitely tuned up and out of the box fast!

Race Winners on the final day were as follows:

Race One: Art Brereton

Race Two: Jeff Lewis - a new Melges 17 racer from Ashland, WI. He and his son won the second race in fashion. The picked up their new M17 name Hot Sauce in Zenda on Friday and were winners on Sunday - not bad!!

Race Three: Iggy Labanauskus

The Lake Geneva hosted a fantastic regatta squeaking in three races Sunday. Mike Sherin was our PRO and Bob Winter did the scoring. Thank you for all the hard work. The LGYC is gearing up to hold the 2006 Melges 17 National Championship - certainly, this will be a historic event. One would think that we will get well over 30 boats for this event!

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