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8 October 2005

Wow, if there ever was a club deserving of U.S. Sailings St. Petersburg Award the Augusta Sailing Club should be right up there at the top of the list. I have been to somewhere between 400 and 500 regattas in my life and this one never ceases to amaze me. You roll in; they have designated parking spots with signs that have your name on them. They have unloading crews so you do not do any work. Then Augusta being the golf capitol of the world has a few golf cart companies around like EZ-GO, Club Car and others. So the club launches your boats with these oversize custom golf carts plus they transport you around the 16 acre club grounds with the carts. You generally add body weight when coming to Augusta. The food program is the best you will ever see. All three meals everyday are outstanding and unique.

This regatta is a multi-class regatta. It is really cool because you have so many young sailors attending who sail Optimists, Sunfish and Lasers. Four courses accommodate the 125 boat plus fleet. I am happy to report the largest class at this year's event was the MC Class with 30 boats. Many MC sailors who are staying here all week are warming up for the big Masters Nationals Championship that kicks off with several events on this coming Thursday at ASC.

We also had 7 C Scows all from Augusta sailing. The C Scow class will be turning in a report the class website. Scows have taken root in the southeast and ASC is the heart of it along with Eustis, Atlanta, Charleston, Beaufort and Charlotte. Several smaller fleets are popping up everywhere. It is cool to see.

Dr. Roman Cirburka and his 3 boat team gave us great courses for our four races held in light medium winds. The tropical storm rains from this last Thursday and Friday cleared out just in time for racing. Check out www.Augustasailingclub.com , look at the history of the club and you can see pics of the lake. Lake Strom Thurmond was created by the Corp when they dammed up a large section of the Savannah River. Check it out on a map. We sailed down at the very east end by the dam.

Now onto the racing. We had some great racing. It was exciting because after the first day it looked like E.Hood and Bill Rembold were going to walk away with the regatta without much challenge. Then came the last race where all the guys in 3rd -7th said, wait just a minute - we will take a shot at the title. Lots of lead changes, crashes at the start that took some players out and put them behind the 8-ball. All sorts of stuff going on. It was fun though because everyone involved knew that the way things were going in the on again / off again air of the fourth race that it was anybody's race.
In the end the event was decided by two boat lengths with Bill Rembold of Charleston winning over E.Hood . Other really good performances came from Tommy Harken 3rd, Mike "Skinny" Risewick 4th, Bob Miller 5th, Lenny Krawcheck 6th, Kurt Stadele 7th, Bob Skorupski 8th, Jeff Annis 9th, Frank Pontious 10th, George Scarborough 11th, Jack Kern 12th, Dick Mayne 13th, Guy Mossman 14th, Bull Schmidt 15th, Rich Jefferies 16th, Ed Durant 17th, Randy Mintken 18th, Mike Neidig 19th, John Lovin 20th, Jeff Meyers 21st, Dennis Fisher 22nd, Stan Stanton 23rd, Chris Hamilton 24th, Robert Cole 24th, Steve Doehler 24th, Mark Marenakos 24th.


  1. Bill Rembold 2-2-7-3
  2. EHood 3-3-3-6
  3. Tommy Harken 10-1-4-4
  4. Mike Risewick 14-4-1-1
  5. Bob Miller 1-8-6-7

This regatta was about getting off the line and into the dark water quickly. It is such a big lake that the wind shows on the water so you always know what is coming. Having polarized sunglasses on really helped see the light and subtle wind changes. Shifts were pretty easy to read but doing the first upwind practice beat and first downwind practice run really made a difference for me and I know some others.
Loose, loose, loose was the key to going fast on the sidestay tension.

Race winners were Tommy Harken, Bill Rembold and Mike Risewick.

Great story for Mike Risewick from Clear Lake, Iowa. He got tired of being overweight, got serious, changed the diet, worked with a trainer and lost 80 pounds. It was great to see him so happy and feeling good about himself. Just goes to show you that you can do almost anything if you put your mind to it. He also won two races this week.

Many thanks to Jeff Annis and the entire ASC team. They did a fantastic job once again. Pictures will be posted at the ASC site along with complete official results.

If you have not signed up for the Masters Nationals Championship it is not too late. Hope to see you there.

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