E Nationals Completed in Perfect Weather

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8 September 2006

After two races in ideal sailing conditions, Brian Porter of Lake Geneva, WI. with crew Dave Navin and Charlie Harrett are leading the 2006 E-Scow Nationals. With a brief postponment yesterday morning due to light air, the race commitee patiently waited for the seabreeze to fill around 1 p.m. Once the fleet gathered on the starting line, there was 15-18 knots of breeze, blue skies and 49 E-scows racing for the title of National Champion.

The first race was sailed in 15 knots of breeze, slack current with a course of W 2 1/2. After one general recall, the fleet got off the line cleanly and made its way to the weather mark. With big, steady shifts, it was clear that boat speed was going to be a huge factor in todays racing. The fleet was tightly packed at the first mark with little or no room for error, or any thought of approaching on the port layline as a few unhappy competitors quickly discovered. Russ Lucas from Bayhead, NJ grabbed the lead at the top mark and close behind was Little Egg local, Erik Johnson (LE-18), Mark Beaton from Barnegat Bay (SS 1) and Brian Porter from Lake Geneva (1-0). As the breeze built throughout the race, Lucas was able to hold off a stong push from his nearest competitors and take the first bullet. The top ten from the first race:

  1. Russ Lucas (BH-8)
  2. Erik Johnson (LE-18)
  3. Mark Beaton (SS-1)
  4. Brian Porter (1-0)
  5. Jim Gluek (X-751)
  6. Had Brick (IH-27)
  7. Walter Lenhard (LE-5)
  8. Lon Schoor (H-7)
  9. Dave Magno (LA-99)
  10. Paul Magno (LA-88)

The second race began with 18kts of breeze, favorable current with W 2 1/2 course. Before the start of the race, many boats tightened rigs, put heavy air battens in their sails and loosened up hiking straps to prepare for the breeze. After another general recall, the fleet got off to a clean start and headed up the harbor. Again, with consistent, steady shifts, boat speed was critical in making to the top mark in decent position. This meant having a clean lane off of the start, good crew work to hold that lane, and a properly tuned boat with fresh equipment to extend on the nearest competitors. Tom Burton (M-9), Casey Call (WA-99), Brian Porter (I-0), Bobby Koar (BH-22) and Vincent Porter (I-49) all rounded the first weather mark within close proximity of each other. As the race progressed, Brian Porter put his e-scow into another gear. He and his crew extended on the rest of the fleet and took advantage of the "boat speed critical" conditions. "Before the start of the second race, we put 750 lbs of tension on our uppers," said Porter of Lake Geneva. "We also made sure to have about a 1/2" of sag in our lowers which we did by looking up the mast on both tacks before the race. Once we had our boat tuned, all we had to do was have a clean start and sail smart." If Porter can repeat his formula for the next four races, he will be fit to defend his title as National Champion. Top Ten for the second race:

  1. Brian Porter (I-0)
  2. Casey Call (WA-99)
  3. Tom Burton (M-9)
  4. Jim Gluek (X-751)
  5. Bobby Koar Jr. (BH-22)
  6. Dave Magno (MA-99)
  7. Mark Beaton (SS-1)
  8. Vincent Porter (1-49)
  9. Erik Johnson (LE-18)
  10. Had Brick (IH-27)

After two races, the overall Top Five :

  1. Brian Porter (I-0) - 5 pts
  2. Jim Gluek (X-751) - 9 pts
  3. Mark Beaton (SS-1) - 10 pts
  4. Erik Johnson (LE-18) - 11 pts
  5. Casey Call (WA-99) - 14 pts

Tomorrow is forecast is the the seabreeze to settle in around noon which should present similar conditions to what was seen today. The fleet has been notified that there will be an attempt to get 3 races in tomorrow. Check melges.com for race reports from day 2 of the 2006 NCESA Nationals.