Melges Zenda University Cranks Up In Florida — The Melges MC scow continues to be the one-design leader!

Melges Zenda University Cranks Up In Florida — The Melges MC scow continues to be the one-design leader! Related topics:

12 March 2008

Article courtesy of Sam Rogers - Often regarded as one of the finer institutions of higher learning, another edition of Zenda University has kicked off and a new batch of students has enrolled hoping to improve their racing skills and make new friends on the race course. The goal of Zenda U is to identify the individual goals of each sailor and help them achieve them over the 2 day course. Through intensive chalk talks and on the water instruction, most sailors are able to leave the course feeling they have accomplished their goals, or at least feel like they are on the right path to acheiving them.

Day one of Zenda U began with little breeze and a lot of classroom instruction by instructors Jamie Kimball and Sam Rogers. As the breeze filled, the ZU students headed out on the water for a morning filled with practice starts and instructional racing. After a quick lunch break, Jamie gave a great on the water demonstration of boathandling skills to show the students how to get around the race course smoothly and efficiently. More practice racing ensued in the shifty afternoon breezes and a couple of intense "tack on the whistle" drills got the sailors to test their limits and improve their boathandling skills.

A few highlights from Zenda University, day one:

  • Dr. Chuck Nichols attended another Zenda University making him the only sailor to attend every Zenda U since its inception.
  • Geoff Moehl recovering from an over early start to finish 3rd in a race.
  • Kelly Farrar sailing her brand new Melges MC, nailing a start, having a huge lead at the first mark and extending as the race went on to win by a huge margain.
  • Mike Neidig rounding a bottom mark in 2nd, hitting every shift perfectly and winning the race in convincing fashion.
  • Numerous smiles and thumbs up from all of the Zenda U sailors after a great day of racing.

A great steak dinner was hosted at the Yacht Club for all of the Zenda U students with video of the days action. A huge thanks goes to Mary Anne Ward and June Howells for helping with all of the Zenda U logistics. Stay tuned for some great day 2 highlights from the ultimate in higher learning, Zenda University.