Introducing the New I-1 Gold

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1 January 2008

Dear C Scow Sailor,

In an effort to ensure that North Sails customers are as successful as possible on the water, North Sails One Design has been hard at work testing new materials, shapes and overall designs to improve our current C Scow sail selection. After extensive testing done this past fall, we are excited to introduce the I-1 Gold Mainsail for the 2008 racing season. As it’s name implies, this modernized version of the original I-1 will produce results…pure Gold!

While keeping the overall integrity of our highly successful I-1 Mainsail intact, we have made a few enhancements which will make the I-1 Gold tough to beat.

· The broadseems have been smoothed out to make a smoother body

· The head, clew and tack patches have been redesigned and reinforced to provide for more stability at the most critical points of the sail

· We have added a little more depth to the overall shape to provide for more power which fast C Scow teams desire.

Along with the I-1 Gold mainsail, we continue to offer our Harecut + Mainsail which has won more races in C Scow racing than any other sail in history. The I-1 Gold and the Harecut+ are undoubtedly the best 1-2 combination in sailing.

If you have any questions about the new I-1 Gold Mainsail, please call North Sails Zenda today. We are busy at work during these winter months to make sure our customers are as successful as possible.

For your convenience you may securely order your new I-1 GOLD online, or contact our C Scow experts below.

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