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1 January 2007

MBW: Having campaigned the MC Scow for many years you have had the opportunity to sail in a lot of different places. Please tell us a little about your favorite venue, and why every MC sailor should attend an event there.

DAN: I’d say the top venues are Torch and Crystal Lake in upper Michigan. Every sailor must visit them at least once in their lifetime. They are the most beautiful inland lakes I’ve ever raced on. It’s a tough call after those two. Every lake has its own unique features spanning all the way from the big air flatlands of Texas, to the hand to hand combat of Spring Lake, Michigan. I encourage all sailors to try a local regatta, or two, or twelve like I do per year. It’s the fastest way towards improving your results and I guarantee you’ll have a good time doing so.

MBW: You have recently purchased a new 2008 MC Scow equipped with the Gottifredi Maffioli line from Italy, which will be seen on all of our new boats. How did your boat perform at the recent Southeast Regional Championship hosted in Eustis, Fl?

DAN: Just like “every gun makes its own tune”, I was itching to hear the tune my new MC makes. Opportunity arose to do some target practice before the new season begins. I fired off with some low scores and led a couple of the races in light/medium air. The MC performed well if only the guy pulling the trigger didn’t flinch in a couple of the races. The new line is easy to hold, runs through blocks even better than the old line, and looks great!

MBW: Having won the ILYA Championship in 2007, what are some of your major goals for the 2008 season?

DAN: Same as 2007: win every event I enter. I’ll settle for no double digit races and finish in the top five overall.

MBW: The 2008 MC Scow Nationals will be hosted on Pewaukee Lake in Wisconsin. Many of us have not had not had the opportunity to travel to the Pewaukee Yacht Club. Tell us a little bit about Pewaukee and what’s to be expected for the 2008 MC Nationals.

DAN: No doubt this will be a tough, tough event. I recall the last time Nationals were held there; huge starting line, boats everywhere, very deep talent, and a total gas to sail. This lake has its secrets so it pays to sail it often. I encourage all sailors to show up for the North American regatta in the spring. Greg Gust travelled all the way from Texas just to prime for Nationals that year. Those Texans sure showed us a thing or two. I’m positive this regatta will be especially deep with talent. Also, PYC always provides for a great venue.

MBW: Your nickname on the MC circuit is “Squad Car.” What is the story behind this infamous title?

DAN: About seven years ago, I was passing by my favorite corner lot and they had a 97’ Crown Vic detective’s car complete with special bucket front seats made for sitting long periods of time, heavy duty everything, oil cooler, interceptor engine, hitch to tow those radar speed awareness trailers , and of course the directional spot light. The perfect road trip car. So I tested it out by driving down to the midwinter’s regatta. It was early evening and I slowly entered the grounds then flicked the spot light on some sailors near the dock. The look on Andy Burdick’s face was priceless. I got heckled all weekend; including the car being placed on unseen blocks. As for the nickname, it came from “E” ( Eric Hood), and I’ve gone with it ever since.