Burdick Takes It All — E Scow Invitational At Delavan

Burdick Takes It All — E Scow Invitational At Delavan ©2008 Pat Dunsworth Related topics:

14 July 2008

As published by Scowlines - Hard to beat a 1-1-1-1-2! Andy Burdick with Peter Keck, Coye Harrett and Michael Lee schooled the rest of the competition at the I.L.Y.A. E Invitational. Only Jule Hannaford beat Andy for a race. Delavan with PRO Terry Bischoff held five of the heaviest, calamity-filled races in any one's memory.

The asymmetrical E's raced around the lake and loved the onshore parties in a successful, marvelous event. Delavan showcased its year-old remodeling project and more than one sailor stood in the entry to enjoy the wooden C boat perched on a high ledge. There is history, artwork and new graphics for this event which decorated the yacht club in an exciting manner. Regatta chair Mark Hetzler welcomed each sailor with a complimentary cocktail party on Thursday and the fun continued through Saturday night with local musicians Robert and Michael Mahoney assisting with dancing the night away.

The results are in! Geneva looked tough but had to share the top five with two strong Minnetonka boats. Vincent Porter returns to the area with a second-place debut back into Midwest sailing. Jule Hannaford was 3rd, Bill Allen fourth and Ken Wruk in fifth. Delavan had to be proud of its hometeam led by Tim O'Keefe. Buddy Melges returned to his roots sailing D1883 under the hometown emblem.