Dave Smith Wins Very Successful C Scow Invitational At Okauchee

Dave Smith Wins Very Successful C Scow Invitational At Okauchee © JOY Related topics:

20 July 2008

As published by Scowlines, Day 1 report from Mark Prange - Competitors were launched on Thursday evening and Friday and moored in front of members housed around the lake. On Thursday night, Augie Barkow held a "Regatta Strategies" seminar at 7:00. Those attending learned a lot with half the time spent answering questions. At the competitors briefing on Friday, Wally Schmidt reminded the group of his eagle eye, and exhorted the group to not pressure the starting line or suffer the consequences. Despite the threat of storms, flash floods and nasty weather, conditions were excellent (although the air was light and shifty), with some sun and comfortable temperatures.

Race 1: PRO Walter Schmidt and his team got the fleet racing after a short delay. The course was 3+ and the wind was light from the West. The race was shortened at the second upwind mark and as it happens, allowed the race to complete (with 4 minutes to spare of the 90 minute back to back time limit). Midway through the race, the wind died completely and came in again more from the South West. The race was won by Mark Prange, followed closely by Dave Smith. Frank Davenport was third, Jamie Kimball fourth and Bob Henschel was fifth drawing the biggest cheer from the spectator fleet.

Race 2: The wind was unsettled, and after an attempt at a second start before lunch, competitors were sent in for lunch. The course was 3. At 2:15, the wind remained light and unsettled, and after a few tries, the race was underway at about 2:30. The direction was West, later shifting to the SW during the race. In this race, Dave Smith won followed by Jamie Kimball, Steve Schmidt, Frank Davenport and Ed Eckert.

Race 3: The wind became more settled into the SW direction and the race was started under a black flag after a few restarts. The course was 3. Those who went left on the first upwind had the best results, and in this race no course changes or shortening was necessary. By the end of the race the wind had picked up from the 6-7 at the start to perhaps 9-10 mph. The race was won by Mark Prange, second by Jim Tews who moved up one place on the last downwind, Ed Eckert, Anne Porter and Dave Smith.

Competitors gathered at the Yacht Club for the "Pizza Bash" and awards for the day. "The Other Guys and Gals" bested Team Okauchee for the day, so a random drawing produced awards for Frank Davenport, Chris Andert and Eric Oppen.


  1. Dave Smith/Alana/Briana Smith, 18
  2. Ed Eckert/Matt Schmidt/Becca Steffensen, 49
  3. Jamie/Rob Kimball/ Bridget Murphy, 50
  4. Steve Schmidt/Danny Tighe/Jean Andreski, 51
  5. Chris Pinahs/Bruce Cameron/Barb Pinahs, 55
  6. Mark Prange/Bob Stelter/Jen Zea, 56
  7. Jim Tews/Jenny Jaessing, 56
  8. Frank Davenport/Ron Jarecki, 62
  9. Anne Porter Muller/Joe Skotarzak/Dawn Greeson, 74
  10. Brian Sprinkman/ John McGowen/Charlie Sprinkman, 76