Three More Races For the E Scows and MC Scows in Okoboji

Three More Races For the E Scows and MC Scows in Okoboji Related topics:

11 August 2008

It was yet another impressive day of racing at the 2008 I.L.Y.A. Championship in Okoboji today. In the E Scow fleet Andy Burdick from Lake Geneva, Wisc. hung on to the lead as did Bill Colburn in the MC Scow.

Colburn blasted the 41-strong MC Scow fleet with a fantastic 1-4-2 result on day two of the championship. He sits comfortably in first, ahead by 10 points. Pat Flood got out front with a 5-3-1 to take second overall with 22 points. One point behind in third is Lance Avery with 23 points. Full Results.

The super fast and sleek E Scow with its beautiful asymmetrical configuration was the star of the show with three more races. Burdick continued his lead with an amazing 1-3-2 placing him 11 points ahead of second overall Kevin Jewett with a 5-2-5 scoreline. Rob Evans is a very close third, one point out of second. Just behind him is Brian Porter in fourth, nailing a 2-1-3 finish today. Porter carries 24 equal points with him into the final day of races, tied with his nephew Vincent Porter positioned in fifth. Full Results.