Melges Rocks Annapolis!

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17 October 2008

As if the competitive nature of the Melges 24 was not enough of a lureto compete at the 2008 North American Championship, race sponsor Melges Performance Sailboats is slated to rock Annapolis with one ofits famous Melges Rocks Parties on Thursday, 30 October. "The concept behind the Melges Rocks party is very simple. Its sole purpose is to share the ongoing success of our products with our customers — in particular the Melges 24," says Andy Burdick, president of MelgesPerformance Sailboats. 

"The Melges 24 is a very special boat. The accomplishments and history that surrounds this sportboat whether in the USA, Europe, Australia or Asia is awesome," continued Burdick. "When a class of boat can deliver more than 100 teams to a starting line and attract the greatest sailors in the world — that is always something to celebrate." 

The first Melges Rocks Party was held at ACURA Key West 2008 and was a smashing success. "There will be more." commented Burdick. "Plans for another Melges Rocks Party is currently in the works for ACURA KeyWest 2009. For those competing in Annapolis at the NAC, we hope you will join Melges in Key West for more fun, fast, really hot winter-time racing." 


The final entry deadline of 17 October (today) for the 2008 Melges 24North American Championship is here. Forty-seven Melges 24s have already joined the ranks of the largest International Melges 24 North American Championship gathering ever! EYC is also the host site for the 2009 Melges 24 World Championship on 27 October - 07 November.