The Melges Scow Report – The Beat Goes On!

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21 October 2008

Scow racing and the Melges name go hand in hand. The 2008 season was exceptional on all fronts as we saw big regatta turnouts yet again in all the fleets. One of the largest events of the year was the 72-boat E Scow National Championship in Chautauqua, N.Y. during the month of June. Fifty years of E Scow Racing and the club in N.Y. put on quite a show. Fireworks, parties and all.

These same sparks have ignited the E Scow fleet as 7 brand new boats are on order to date with many more looking to jump into a new 2009 Melges E Scow. The new asymmetrical rig and set up have indeed created more interest in this fantastic sailing platform. The boat is easier to sail, faster and is exciting in any breeze over 12 knots.

Sales figures are strong for other popular boats such as the Melges 17, Melges X Boat, Melges C Scow and Melges MC Scow! We even have a new Melges A Scow on order for 2009 too. The push toward 2009 is on as spring is right around the corner for Melges. We are working hard to build new scows and bring in new scow customers.

Stay tuned to this website as the latest in the Scow world will be brought to you through future Scow Reports. Coming up is some new hot news on the Melges MC Scow. Melges will be making an announcement very soon. This is your first inkling of this...

Spring is coming!

Keep Sailing,
Andy Burdick

The Melges Scow Report is generated by Melges Performance Sailboats. It is a digest specifically geared to keep our most loyal Scow customers informed and on top of the latest and greatest information about racing, maintaining and being a more competitive, one design scow sailor.