Melges Fleet Triumphs At Malcesine This Past Weekend

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4 November 2008

The Melges 32, Melges 24 and brand-new Melges 20 wowed sailors in Malcesine at the Fraglia Vela Malcesine Yacht Club in Italy this past weekend. Between these three performance sportboat superstars great racing and premium speed were on tap and everyone got their fill. All three were out on the water sailing, crowds absorbing all the excitement and energy. This was one of the first sightings for the Melges 20 as it has just arrived in Europe and already, it has been widely accepted.

Rounding out the great on-the-water festivities was none other that Lanfranco Cirillo and Team Manager Nicola Celon on Team Fantastica Sailing organizing an amazing Fantasticaaa Melges party that celebrated the accomplishments of the products and camaraderie that surrounds this very elite fleet. A very special thanks goes out to Lanfranco!!!

As the 2008 racing season comes to a close, more racing is planned for 2009. Coming soon are more exciting announcements regarding the upcoming Audi Sailing Series. To preface the next chapter of European Melges 32 racing get ready to tune-up at two Winter Tune-up sesions brought in part to the fleet by Melges Europe and B.Plan/Audi.


  • 15-16 November
  • 13-14 December
  • 31 January - 1 February
  • 7-8 March


  • 20-21 December
  • 10-11 January
  • 31 January - 1 February

Of course everyone should expect to attend the Primo Cup on 14-15 February where the winner in the Melges 32 fleet will get the Hblot Swatch (value of 14.000€).

Stay tuned to this website as well as the official website for the International Melges 32 Class Association. Additional details will follow shortly regarding the winter tune-ups.