KO Sailing Debuts The Melges 20

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11 November 2008

KO Sailing President John Kolius ordered up a perfect day to debut the Melges 20 in the Houston area this past weekend. Sun, 80 degrees, moderate breeze – ideal. KO Sailing is an official dealer of the Melges 20 along with the other family of products Melges has to offer. Kolius and his energetic team at KO Sailing put on a very professional event for the interested sailors in this area. Starting right at 8am at John’s KO Sailing shop we arrived to see an office full of excited employees. “Read for a big day”, said Kolius. With the weather being so ideal John expected over 100 people to attend this debut.

By Baldridge was nice to offer up his Club Classic venue for the event. A big restaurant and bar that overlooks Clear Lake in Seabrook, Texas. As you stand on the massive porch you look down at the water and see the two Melges 20’s ready for action. Rigged, sails up and inviting for all. Young and old were invited and participated on this special occasion. Inside Club Classic KO Sailing displayed Mimosa’s, Bloody Mary’s, water and an assortment of food for everyone. Uniquely placed next to the rolling power point presentation which showed the Melges 20 on the big screen. An exciting video of the boat sailing in all wind conditions. More people watched this video than the Texas football game – hard to believe!

The kick off was at 10am and the docks were filled. The two Melges 20’s sailed up and down Clear Lake all day – non stop! Cassie from KO Sailing would not let anyone on a boat without having the person sign in and divulge all their contact information. Cassie increased KO’s customer list on this day as over 100 people came from all over to see this boat up close. Andy Burdick from Melges and John Kolius from KO sailing put the boat through the paces with the interested sailors. People commented on the following.

“The boat is so clean and easy to sail”

“There is such a nice, neutral helm on the boat upwind – it is really, really smooth – and fast”!

“I love the no hiking concept, wow is this comfortable to sail”

“The Melges 20 simply looks cool. I love the chines and the modern appearance of this boat – it looks like a Melges”

“This boat is easy to get up on a plane downwind, it really moves and it is so stable at the same time”

The only problem that we had on this day was keeping the kids off the boat after one round of sailing. The younger sailors would go out, put the Melges 20 through the paces and then 30 minutes later you would see them on the dock ready to go again – it was great to see! They would have sailed the boat all day long proving to us that this boat will be attractive to a wide range of sailors.

KO Sailing had media there covering the event too. Local magazines along with sailtexas.com which will be featuring some interviews and video on line at their website were present to see the buzz live and in person. Some media commented on how it was hard to see the boat because it was never at the dock! As one of the Melges 20’s approached the KO Team including Kolius would be shuffling people on and off the boats at a steady pace – the boat never was still in the water. The entire day was a complete success!

Congratulations to KO Sailing and the Melges 20. The debut of this new boat down in the Houston area was very exciting, very well put together and a very, very successful program. Everyone at KO Sailing played a very important role in making this debut exceptional.

Go Melges 20!