2009 MC Scow Season Kick-off Day 1 at George Washington Regatta

2009 MC Scow Season Kick-off Day 1 at George Washington Regatta ©2009 Randall Mooring Related topics:

8 February 2009

Article courtesy of Eric Hood • The 2009 MC Scow sailing season if officially in motion with the kick-off season opener down at Lake Eustis, Florida. The annual George Washington Regatta at Lake Eustis is such a great way to start the sailing season. We were a little nervous when it was only 40 degrees on Friday morning but today the temps were in the low 70s. Only issue we have now is a lack of wind. We did get in one race today and it was fair, steady 4-6 mph. breezes from the west.

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The buzz at the regatta has been two-fold. First the all new 2009 Melges MC Scow made its debut and I think the feeling is everyone wishes they had one. That certainly bodes well for the class when folks get excited about new boats. That creates older used boat sales and that is the second buzz part of this story today. We have some fantastic new sailors joining the MC Class. Two in particular are national caliber sailors from the 80s,90s who are just getting back into racing with their newly purchased used boats.

First, about the boat. About 20 different folks have now sailed the new model MC Scow and every single person had nothing but A+ comments. Several folks have made it public they are in for new boats this year. The boat simply feels like you are in a larger boat with the long open cockpit. The big guys over 6'0" were really pumped up. While Melges is offering a footwell insert (see pics at website) a majority at this first weekend of sailing the new boat feel that it probably is not needed. We have tons of pictures thanks to Dave Mooring's dad Randall and will eventually make them available to all. There are some first day images now on the websites to give you a feel of what she looks like.

A neat story about two new members to the class. Andy Fox (51) of Orlando and Dave Helmick (53) of the Orlando area are both great sailors who both have impressive track records on the regatta circuit over the years. Interesting story they both basically left sailing back in the 90s, then by chance met up on a race car circuit they were both participating in. Then out of the blue with no prior knowledge from each other they both decided to get used MCs , get back into sailing, join the Lake Eustis Sailing Club. Obviously those two were blown away when they saw each other again this week. Andy is a former boat builder and has been a champ in the Flying Scott class finishing 2nd in the N.A.s, a Thistle Midwinter's Champ and 2nd in that class National Champs, Laser Masters N.A. Champ just to name a few. Dave Helmick formerly of Coral Reef has had a great career in racing being a former winner of the very tough Laser Florida Districts back in the day, Lightning N.A. (President Cup) Champs, numerous Offshore Championships.

Onto to some racing. Let me just take the drama out of today. Andy Fox, rookie MC Scow bear cub sailing in his first regatta race since 1996 went out with an old boat and sail then won the race. Obviously for anyone who is not sailing right now I am firing a shot over the bow. Racing is just like riding a bike, you can get back in after being gone for years as proven by Andy today. Way to go Andy!!! You ask about the two new boats here today. Rob Terry picked up a sixth and EHood had an 8th. After lots of light air testing yesterday and a very good , fair race today we know a couple of things. There is no difference in speed which is great. We also know the new boat is a lot easier and more fun to be sailing around in. She just looks great. From a distant she looks truly like a baby C Scow. Others who did well today included David Mooring local ace and Extreme High Capacity Volunteer from LESC. Way to go David. Other scores will be listed below.

Hospitality, massive doses of Florida sun, good race courses all courtesy of LESC. Thanks Team LESC!!!!!!

FULL RESULTS (After One Day Of Racing)
1.) Andy Fox (M) LESC
2.) David Mooring (U50) LESC
3.) Jon Pomerleau (U50) LESC
4.) George Scarborough (M) CYC South Carolina
5.) Skip Moorhouse (GM) NJ
6.) Dr. Rob Terry (M) CYC , MI
7.) Lenny Krawcheck (GM) CYC SC
8.) Eric Hood (M) LESC
9.) Guy Mossman (U50) CYC SC
10.) Rob Seidelmann (U50) No Fleet
11.) John Houck
12.) David Johnson
13.) David Helmick
14.) Lee Sayler
15.) Scott Tillema
16.) Tim Fredman
17.) David Moorhouse
18.) Bob Miller
19.) Mark Marenakos
20.) Don Fancher
21.) Charles Laffitte
22.) Bill Cotsworth
23.) Bob Cole
24.) Greg Murphy
25.) Candi Robb
26.) Jeff Annis
27.) Craig Eaton
28.) Bull Schmidt
29.) Mike Baldacchino
30.) Geoff Moehl
31.) Jennifer Jones
32.) Phil Ecklund
33.) Ben Getchell
34.) Ron Reeves
35.) Dr. Jack Kern

Hopefully we will get at least one if not two tomorrow before our 12:30 cut-off. Now it is time for the famous Lake Eustis Sailing Club sunset and burgers to be grilled program. For those of you thinking about the Midwinter's next month. There is no better place to be in March than LESC. Great racing in the spring, great community time with other MC sailors, great sunsets and more. All sun and fun. Hope to see you all here.