2009 Melges MC Zenda University — All Graduate!

2009 Melges MC Zenda University — All Graduate! 2009 Zenda University Related topics:

19 March 2009

Bright sun, winds at 5-12 and 19 MC’s sailed and were coached for two days at the Lake Eustis Sailing Club. Perfect sailing! Zenda University is an instructional clinic focused on just the MC. It gives sailors in the MC fleet the opportunity to come and learn how to race their boat at a high level. The course works!

MC sailors come from all around the country to be a part of this course. It gives them the opportunity to tune up their skills for the Midwinters and the upcoming racing season. Lots of sailing, lots of fun!

The official instructors for 2009 were Andy Burdick, Eric Hood and Coye Harrett. We limit the course to 19 boats so that the instructors can give personal instruction on and off the water. Tuning, boat handling, tactics, strategy and up close on the water coaching is a major part of Zenda University.

Twelve 'coaching' races were completed and over 20 practice starts were performed. A long tacking drill and jibing drill completed the series of on the water events! Was the group tired after two days of perfect sailing – YES. The group advanced dramatically though and there were big smiles on the faces of all the students after the event.

At graduation Melges and North Sails Zenda had the official Midwinter welcoming party along with official diplomas handed to each graduating sailor.Official Results are as follows!

Most Improved: Bill Nolte – Minneapolis, MN.

1st Place: Will Hendershot – Quebec, Canada
2nd: Rob Terry – Crystal Lake, Michigan
3rd: Bob Cole – Kueka, New York
4th: Geoff Moehl – Eustis, Florida
5th: Jack Sanderson – Clear Lake, Indiana
6th: Jim Grant – Clear Lake, Indiana
7th: Craig Eaton – Eustis, Florida
8th: Charlie Lafitte – Charleston, South Carolina
9th: Bill Nolte – Minneapolis, Minnesota
10th: Kyle Stadele – Lake Lanier, Georgia
11th: Scott Baker – Houston, Texas
12th: Phil Ecklund – Denver, Colorado
13th: Ron Reeves – Crystal Lake, Michigan
14th: Robert Harris – Lake Lotowana, Missouri
15th: Emma and Charlie Gantzner – Minneapolis, Minnesota
16th: Gerry Ogilvie – Lake Lotowana, Missouri
17th: Jim Weingart – Cleveland, Ohio
18th: Al Santini – Rockford, Illinois

Congratulations and thank you to all participants! Awesome ZU this year!