Modernizing The Melges MC Scow

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13 April 2009

As published by Scuttlebutt - For one design dinghy classes, March is Midwinter Regatta season. Despite all the economic doom and gloom news reports, the MC class had more entrants at their 2009 MC Midwinters Regatta than they have enjoyed in a decade. So what attracted 80 competitors to Lake Eustis SC, FL on March 19-21? A big topic within the class has been a project to modernize the boat. Andy Burdick, president of Melges Performance Sailboats, provides an update on the MC class and the scow world: 

What motivated the redesign? 
Andy Burdick: "The MC class was instrumental in advancing the boat. Many years ago we (WE = Melges and the MC Class) knew what the next step would be and that is a new look to make the boat look modern / advanced and also add in the safety factor. The boat with the sealed deck is much safer which is key in a singlehanded boat. The new boat looks hot and more modern." 

Where does the MC fit into the scow world? 
Andy Burdick: "The Melges MC is a 16’ boat designed back in the 1950’s by Melges. It is a miniature C scow in a sense. Designed to be singlehanded but the cool thing is that the boat will accept a crew when it is windy. So, many families get involved. Perfect for young sailors, wives or girlfriends. This gives the boat an added bonus as it is comfortable to sail with crew." 

What other boats does it compete with for market share?
Andy Burdick: "Not sure it competes with anything in the market share just because it can be singlehanded, it can take a crew whenever you want – not many boats have this feature. A lot more comfortable than a Laser – much more stable. Less aggressive than a Finn. The boat is a ton of fun and very unique – a recipe for success." 

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