Ted Keller Wins 2009 Cowtown Melges MC Scow Classic

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4 May 2009

Article courtesy of Eric Hood - Spring has sprung. Wow, regattas everywhere these three weeks of May going into Memorial Day weekend. This month is probably the busiest month of One Design sailing in America. The MC class has 4-6 events everyweekend this month.

Twenty-four MCs made it here despite the sketchy weather reports. Seven states represented. Lots of rain, wind and unstable wind on Friday prevented us from practicing but it did not prevent a great clinic on Friday night for 90 minutes with Eric Hood and Jeff Annis leading that interactive speed seminar. On Saturday morning before the breeze came in we continued the speed seminar with all 24 MC skippers participating. We made it interactive from the beginning by introducing each skipper and then asking them a simple question. The question was “What is the number area of improvement you would like to work on”. It was very interesting to see all the different answers. Here are just a few in no particular order.

Light air boat speed, constant speed, steering downwind in a blow, not pointing well, boat handling, transition upwind to downwind and then back to upwind, heavy air upwind when sailing without a crew, starts. So you can see we need the the total of two and a half hours just to begin to scratch the surface on these great questions. We a range of sailors from “new to the class” to “national champions” in attendance.

Now on to the racing for day 1. Four races were scheduled for the first day and all four races were held. That leaves two races for Sunday morning before the noon cut-off. A very unstable weather system was in the area and trying to push through from the northwest to the southeast. Winds were all over the map from one minute being a north wind to the next minute being a southwest wind. First two races saw 180 degree flips in the breeze which really made the racing exciting. Races 3 and 4 were a little more stable but still with big shifts. Those races were a basic west wind with 20-30 shifts both to southwest and northwest. The lake is a long narrow lake much like Lake Lotawana or Spring Lake (north end). Water levels are very high which really increases the size of this particular lake and makes the sailing area quite a bit bigger.

So on to the racing. Race 1 had one of those finishes where 10 boats in about 10 seconds crossed the line together. Race 2,3,4 saw the group spread out a little bit more evenly and also saw upwind finishes as opposed to the downwind finish in race one. Velocity was 0-7 for all the races. For races 3 and 4 we saw a few puffs that hit maybe 12 for brief moments.


Ted Keller – 4-4-2-1
Eric Hood – 3-13-1-2
Jay Huling – 2-3-8-6
Mark White – 15-6-4-3
Matt Fisher – 13-1-10-5
Doug Kiser 7-15-3-4
Jack Sanderson 6-7-14-9
Jeff Annis 5-2-20-13
Ken Bandstra 17-8-6-10
Richard Blake 1-19-15-7
Stuart Fisher 18-5—5-16
Alan Walborn 8-16-9-12
Ron Stryker 9-12-17-15
Sean Tracey 12-14-7-21
Judy Hearn 16-9-19-11
Jim Grant 19-18-16-8
Steve Sun 20-11-11-19
Brent Penwarden 24-10-18-14
Mark Wolf 11-21-12-22
Bob Meyer 10,20,22,18
Isaiah Grant 22,23,13,17
Chris Fogle 14-17-DNS-DNS
Michael Casler 21,22,21,20
Seth Grant 23-24-23-DNF

For those of you who have not made this fun spring regatta you should consider doing so for 2010. Ron Stryker and crew put on a great Prime Rib dinner for Saturday night . With club facing west the sunsets are spectacular.