I.L.Y.A. E Scow Invitational At Pewaukee - Day 1

11 July 2009

Race report as published by NCESA's Digital Reaches - It is early Saturday morning and most everyone is still asleep here in Pewaukee. Too much fun yesterday to get on the computer to get out a report - sorry about that. We had two great back-2-back races afterlunch. The wind finally filled in down the length of Pewuakee for a 1:50 pm start (a 220 degree course was set). Many boats used their fourth crew and all teamswere hiking hard all afternoon. Augie Barkow was strongoff the line working the left pointand nailed a nice port tack slant up the middle of the course. He leadat every pinto finish first with a nice lead. Following Augie at the first mark were Bill Allen, Bill Burns, Lon Schoor, Bob Guidinger, and Eric Wilson. It was typical Pewuakee with some good shifts on a nice long 3+ course. That gave some good boats an opportunity to catch up after a slow start. Boats on the move up were Rick Roy, Vicent Porter and Tom Burton - They finished second thru fourth. Lon hung on to second at most all the marks but missed a big left shift on the last leg to finish 5th.

The secondrace startedwith a general recall because of a wind shift to the rightduring the sequence. The wind picked up too and boats scrambled to pick up a fourth crew. They changed the course from 210 to 240 and got astart off with about 5 eager boats being called back.Augie was off the line well again but it was Tom Sweitzer's turn to lead the way around all the marks to finish first. Augie was second followed by Art Brereton, Tom Burton, and Jule Hannaford.There was a little inversion of the middle of the fleet at the first mark - those ahead that stayed on starboardgot hung out to dry as those behind that gybed caught a nice port slant down the lake. That was the only big shake up in the postions during the race. At the finish Tom Switzer held off Augie Barkow. They were followed by Art Brereton, Tom Burton, Jule Hannaford, Jeff Solum, Will Graves. Burton lost a protest to erase a good effort.

The official results are unknown after two races but the first six might go like this: Augie Barkow, Tom Sweitzer, Vincent Porter, Lon Schoor, Jim Gleuk, Art Brereton.

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