I.L.Y.A. E Scow Invitational At Pewaukee - Day 2

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11 July 2009

Race report as published by NESCA's Digital Reaches - Augie Barkow continues to lead the 39 boats around the course. He has a 21 point lead on a group of five competitors separated by just 3 points. Today the winds were 7-14 for the morning's race and approaching 20 in the second race, but the puffs were much stronger with 20-30 degree shifts.

The race course was a real challenge because Russ Ackley, the PRO, wanted to get enough distance on the course and that put the weather mark tight on the shore. The wind was as fickle as can be and there were major shake ups at the weather mark. Example - in the second race Jim Gluek went from 3 to 9 in the last 200 feet to the second mark, and he had lots of company in with results like this to get around the mark.

The leeward gate was exciting for spectators with sail handling catastrophes and tip overs as the strong sharp puffs would come at exactly the wrong time for many boats.

Tom Burton at a pair of 4th places to match the pair he had on day one. He is consistent - but we all know that. However, in the second race his team decided at do a gybe set and changed the spinnaker lines before getting to the mark. On the set it filled but looked funny and they thought it was tangled so they gybed and it filled again. He was quite animated and had a few choice words when the spinnaker went up sideways.

In the first race it Tom Sweitzer leading at the first mark with Will Graves, Jule Hannaford, and Jim Gleuk following. By the next upwind Augie moved into first place, after being sixth at the first mark. Vincent Porter was OCS, but he worked his way back by the second downwind leg to 14th place and got another boat upwind - just enough to hang on to a tie for second place in the regatta after the day was done. Augie had a good lead at the finish followed by Will Graves, Jim Gluek, Tom Burton (who steadily moved up from 8th to 4th during the race), Tom Sweitzer, and Jule.

In the second race Will Graves lead at the first mark followed by Augie, Gluek, and Jule Hannaford. The leaders stretched it out quickly as there was a huge pile up at the weather mark - fickle wind related

The second downwind saw a big left shift and many boats had over stood the leeward gate - which added to the excitement for spectators and the racers. Will Graves dropped back and Jule moved up. PJ Friend made out big moving up 10 places to 4th.

The leaders were alone battling it out on the last downwind. Jule and Augie each rounded at the same time but at opposite gate marks. Jule was able to get on top of Augie and cover him for the win.

1   V37    August Barkow
2   I49    Vincent Porter   
3   V74    Will Graves   
4   V9     Tom Sweitzer  
5   X751   Jim Gluek  
6   M7     Jule Hannaford
7   V11    Peter Friend
8   V102   Bob Guidinger
9   V300   Bill Burns
10  H13    Patrick Heaney