Augie Barkow 2009 E I.L.Y.A. Invite Champion

Augie Barkow 2009 E I.L.Y.A. Invite Champion ©2009 Pat Dunsworth Related topics:

15 July 2009


Reported by Irwin R. Fletcher - Pewaukee Yacht Club hosted the 2009 Inland Lake Yachting Association E Scow Invitational Regatta on a beautifully weekend as all five races were completed. For the most part all races, who were led by Russ Ackley’s judging team, were sailed in very good E scow conditions. Pewaukee is traditionally shifty and there were some big shifts that if you did not catch you were in the back of the pack. 39 boats from Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin competed for the 2009 crown.

Pewaukee again showed everybody the “Pewaukee Hospitality” that they are so well known for. The World Famous “Dex” and Tammy Sawyer were the co-chairs for this event as they made sure everybody felt very welcome and had a great time. Thursday night everybody was welcomed to the club and then off to the “Tri-Bar” area as sailors were out and about. Some were out until the bars kicked them out as this seems to always happen the night before the regatta. Friday saw cocktails and appetizers at the club at the conclusion of sailing back to back in the afternoon. Some older and weaker sailors were off to a quick dinner and then to bed as the diehards were off to dinner and back to the “Tri-Bar” area as this area can be like the Bermuda triangle! You just never know what can happen!!! I heard a rowdy group singing and singing and singing Happy Birthday to Sally Barkow who was celebrating a b-day. I hope they stop singing!!!

Saturday night was back to the club for the celebrated Buckaroo’s Flying Pig Dinner hosted by none other than Buckaroo and Dex along with too many volunteers to mention but it was a great job by a very dedicated group of individuals!! How do they continue to impress us like they do??? 

As far as the sailing goes, Augie Barkow and his faithful crew of Jeff Niedziela, Heidi and A.J. Schweda were very consistent to win the 2009 Invite with finishes of 1,2,1,2 and 5. They were out in the front pack all weekend as they used their new North Sails for their first regatta. This boat looks ready for the ILYA and National Championship regattas that will be coming up later this summer. 

The battle for second was on all weekend for as many as six boats were battling all weekend as they were within 6 points of each other going into the final race. Will Graves of Pewaukee brought his Sunday best and won the final race going away to secure second place overall? Vincent Port of Lake Geneva who fought back after being over early in race 3 to add to some very consistent finishes to take third overall. He noted in his trophy acceptance speech that he wanted to possibly sail more races at the invite but he didn’t know he was going to get his butt kicked by Augie all weekend. Obviously they have been racing against each other for a while. Jule Hannaford of Minnetonka and his all star crew were solid all weekend especially in race four they raced down Augie and took the race win away from that team. It was very impressive to watch as they were on the move. Jule and crew were fourth overall as they graciously enjoyed being back in Pewaukee to race scows, see old friends and have a few cocktails along the way! Newly hired North Sails Representative Jim Gluek was happily back on the course racing the X-751 to a fifth place performance as he was in the hunt every race. If not for the wind dying on him at the finish of race four he might have been able to move up a spot of two. 

The rest of the top ten was as follows: 

6. V-9 Tom Sweitzer of Pewaukee (Winner of Race two)
7. V-11 Peter Friend of Pewaukee
8. M-12 Jeff Solum of Minnetonka
9. M-9 Tom Burton of Minnetonka 
10. V-300 Bill Burns of Pewaukee

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This was a great event as everybody seems to enjoy the sailing and off water hobnobbing that was going on. The Regatta chairs again were fantastic! If you ever have the chance to get to Pewaukee, please do as you will not regret it!!

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