Krechs Win Going Away For C Scow Invitational At Minnetonka

Krechs Win Going Away For C Scow Invitational At Minnetonka Photo by Pat Dunsworth Related topics:

20 July 2009

As published by Scowlines - Thirty-five C-Scows sailed six great races over Friday and Saturday. A lot of boats (Krechs included) raced with three every race. Friday the wind was a solid 15-20 mph with some gusts over. Saturday the breeze came down but was still in the teens. PRO David Gross and his able staff ran great races in a breeze that was a little shifty considering the velocity. Sunday the good wind karma ran out as the sailors never left the shore. Most weren't too upset after a lot of good racing, and an even more fun party on Saturday night.

Tim & Bre Krech sailing with Anne Sherman are your 2009 C-Scow Invitational Champions. The Krechs pulled the ultimate double-header. They not only won the regatta convincingly, but they were also the regatta Chairmen. Somehow they were able to balance all the logistics that go with running a first class regatta, and then get out on the water with a clear enough head to dominate the race course. Wow - congrats and thank you.
Top Ten Results
1. M20 Tim Krech - 9 points
2. V137 Jim Gluek - 17
3. M17 Jason Ostbye - 19
4. I14 Michael Lynch - 30
5. E1 Mark Prange - 32
6. P31 Stu Gerhold - 38
7. LP10 Jeff Solum - 39
8. BL3 Patrick Lynch - 42
9. M25 Chris Andert - 46
10. P9 Dale Norton - 47 

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