ILYA X Boat Championship - Day 1

ILYA X Boat Championship - Day 1 A-13, Kathryn and Nick Rusher, led start to finish Related topics:

24 July 2009

As circulated by Scowlines:



The wind finally made an appearance mid-afternoon at the first day of the X Inland at Gull Lake. Race officials postponed the 10 am start and waited for the predicted up-tick in the wind speed. Fortunately, it was 80 degrees and sunny, so the sailors and their families filled the time with swimming, boating, sunning, lunching, and, of course, playing volleyball. 

One race was completed with mainly light winds, 6-7 mph out of the W-SW.  Both fleets sailed a W2 ½.

Standings after the first race:

Senior fleet:

1st A- 13 Zephyr Rusher, Kathryn Nick Rusher 1 1
2nd M- 67 Starfish Ferguson, Addy Hayley Jewett 2 2
3rd V- 62 Vida del Mar Clemence, Nicholas Maggie Clemence 3 3
4th GL- 6 Xtreme Driessen, Alex Hunter Johnson 4 4
5th E- 3 B O Kay Kay, Natalie Maddie Wohlfeil 5 5
6th E- 66 Lucky Duck Smith, Bridget Annie Geschke 6 6
7th I-101 Big Daddy Ripkey, Matt Hannah Ripkey 7 7
8th GL- 3 Flying Toaster Surma, Luke Jack Harguth 8 8
9th W- 66 Blues Mobile Cox, Eddie Cole Lee 9 9
10th E- 2 Cupcake Zea, Jacob Parker Waldrin 10 10

Junior fleet: 

1st I- 16 Menace Rolander, Griffin Mac Six 1 1
2nd B- 16 Rasta Rocket Kutschenreuter, Charlie Alex Keck 2 2
3rd B- 6 Barr-acade Barr, Cullen John Barr 3 3
4th B- 21 Blackjack Kiernan, George Patrick Schmidt 4 4
5th X- 51 51 Rolfs, Eliza Piper Rosenheimer 5 5
6th B- 66 Barr-B-Que Barr, Michael Gregory Westin 6 6
7th I- 59 Butcher Rowe, Colin Nathan Freytag 7 7
8th M- 99 Shiny Object Ekholm, Anders Caitlin McGoldrick 8 8
9th M- 22 Triton Robillard, Griffin Corbin Burdick 9 9
10th A-169 Wiki Wiki Rusher, Alison DJ Jaessing 10 10

As the hour gun sounded shortly after 2 p.m., the volleyball teams completed the quarterfinal rounds of their tournament. Going into the semifinals are the teams from Oshkosh, Pewaukee A, Okauchee and Beulah 2. 

The X-boaters capped off the evening with mini-golf and go-carting at the nearby Pirate's Cove and Billy Bones Raceway. More favorable winds are predicted for Day 2 of the X Inland.

opening ceremony


Editor's notes

It was a day for volleyball. Two nets on land, one in the water and kids bumping volleyballs practicing in two areas on the launch circle. Geneva instructors challenged the crowd and the net result was parents who needed to join in to complete a team. Joe Skotarzak of Beulah returned home on cruise control with a hardball sized ankle. Needless to say, the young folks won.

BUT . . . as the wind blew in, before the RC could say, "Man  your boats", the mood changed, droves of crews abandoned the courts to gather sails.

Surprise of the day - fish eggs on rudders and boats. Everyone got a biology lesson on spawning. While Gull Lake is worrying about zebra mussel contamination, the WI crowd wonders is we can take walleye eggs home.

FLEET MEETING - John Murphy handed the well-worn gavel to Martin Barr. Murphy served as X rep for 3+ years and got us through the new boat conversion, initiated improved measurement procedures along with volunteerism at measurement, and served on the ILYA Board of Directors during a most challenging period. Thanks to John Murphy for his organization, enthusiasrm for the class and service to the ILYA.

Richard Beers completed his term and will be replaced by Joann Marozza from Delavan. Ed Cox of White Bear will continue on the committee with his re-election. Other members were not due for re-election.

The editor was paid for the next shot.

Geneva instructors

Geneva instructors Patrick Doran, Josh Garber and Clifford Porter - a trio of ???? -------CHAMPIONS 

What is the significance of these three? You never leave Kansas. All three have moved on from X boats to garner titles elsewhere but return home to the ILYA. Patrick was a Senior Fleet X Champ and competes on A's and Lasers now. Josh Garber is a Dave Perry Sportsmanship Winner, Clifford is a US Sailing Smythe Champion which is the national title for youth laser radial sailing in the US Sailing ladder event.

Storms came through during the night. As the editor began this issue, winds from a lovely cabin of Chuck Dreissen 20 feet from shore, were 10 and from the SW. They have lightened a bit over the hour but have remained from a steady direction. PROs Chip Mann and Tom Hodgson will welcome a good day with four races planned. 

Full results here.