Day Two At W.M.Y.A. With Coye Harrett

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9 August 2009

Article courtesy of Coye Harrett - The first time slot today was taken by the C boats and the Melges 17's. The morning breeze that was on the lake had burned off as the sun got higher in the sky, leaving the sailors with little to no breeze. Both races were cancelled within a half hour of the start time.

The E boats had the mid-day slot, again with minimal breeze. The wind kept trying to fill in from the West, but never had enough force behind it to fill the entire lake. Needless to say, there were many patchy areas. Tom Munroe was leading the whole race until Brett Hatton ground him down on the last lap to win the race.
The standings now for the E are as follows:
Brett Hatton  3
Neil Gerrity    7
Tom Munroe   7

The MC's had the last time slot today, and it looked like wind would not cooperate to get two races off. But after a half hour of waiting, a North fill came down the lake. The RC set a course for a W 1 1/2 to try and get a race in before the wind faded for the rest of the day. Cole Hatton was leading the whole race and is in second overall, three points behind Ted Keller (5 pts). In third is Rob Terry with 16 points.

Tomorrow's forecast calls for South winds 5-10 MPH with the possibility of thunderstorms throughout the day.

Stay tuned to for the day three report!