Green Lake Says Goodbye

20 August 2009

As circulated by Scowlines:


We all had more fun then we probably should have!!

In all of the hustle and work of the 2009 ILYA Championship all the members of the Green Lake Yacht Club wanted to make sure to express our gratitude for those of you that made the effort to come and attend our regatta. Our club is unique in many aspects in that we have an exceptional perhaps envied body of water to sail on whenever we want to, however, we lack what many clubs have and that is a club house. Perhaps this is what makes every regatta at Green Lake that much more special then all the other regattas you could spend your time and money at. You understand what efforts we put into hosting the Championship of the ILYA, and we really appreciate it.

After the final count we had 158 boats competing in five class, boats and sailors coming from all over the country, from Michigan to Missouri, Iowa to Indiana. When all us thought up the old school approach to the regatta and the legendary steak and corn dinners from years past, we in our wildest dreams never thought that we would receive the compliments and praise from sailors, race committee members and spectators alike. It put a big smile on Terry Bischoff's face when thanking us, David Porter raved and well Chookie Kilander I think he ate a whole bushel of corn.

The nightlife of the regatta and the ability to traverse town by foot created a rollicking good time. The C fleet bless their hearts, freshened up the town, rearranged the mailboxes, and restocked the Heidel House with the Gooseblinds' barware. Beer pong, flip cup and numerous other late night Olympics defined winning the party. The Oshkosh YC sailors came home with a new wardrobe as they cleaned out the Bacardi girls of T-shirts and key togs.

For those young at heart but early to rise we should all be thankful for Bill Best and his generous contribution of beer throughout the regatta. The beer trailer provided for a great spot to debate all the days follies and accomplishments without the added burden of even more late night competition, thanks so much Bill. For all our other sponsors who generously gave we appreciated your generosity as did the many sailors who attended the event. It was money well spent.

Not only was this event about letting everyone know the ILYA Championship is as alive and exciting as ever, it provided the opportunity for many husbands to order new kitchens like the Porter's, red Porsches like the Trestor's and a slew of jewelry. Talk about a stimulus package Green Lake style.

Most of all I would like to personally thank Bill MacNeill for all his services to our club the GLYC and for what he has done time and time again for the ILYA. Most people are lucky to run just one ILYA Championship regatta in their life, Bill has given and given time in and time out for all of us sailors so that we can all enjoy the great sailing and comradery of what our ILYA organization and its championship truly stands for. After five championship I believe he has gone above and beyond. Thanks for all your service Bill to our club and most of all the ILYA and its sailors.

I hope everyone had a great time, that they made it home safely, and that in the future perhaps we all get the opportunity to do it once again. Thanks one and all.