Day 1 at the MC National Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Day 1  at the MC National Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma Related topics:

17 September 2009

Who is here?

Andy Fox, famous sailing champion is here. Greg Gust, who has previously won the Nationals, Midwinters, and the Masters Nationals. Herman Van Beek and Dave Bedau who are previous winners of the gutter-ball award at the MCSA Blue Ship regatta. Jeff Annis, Eric Hood, Jack Kern (2-time), and Greg Gust, previous Masters Nationals Champions.

Gil Greenwood gave us 3 great races today. We had no doubts what a great PRO he would be. He is a great sailboat racer and he is an accomplished PRO. His team performed flawlessly.

Winds were between 10 and 18 all day. The winds were a little on the shifty side today. But, the highest number on starboard tack and the highest number on port tack stayed between the same range all day long. Example, on port tack, you could get up to 40 or down to 60 degrees in the headers. On starboard tack, the number was as high as 14 and as low as 345. The trick today was to stay in the lifts as much as possible. The problem is that if you were back in the crowd, you ended us sailing headers because you could not tack when you wanted due to tactical situations.

The top 4-6 boats had it easier than the packs in the back of them because it was easier to tack on the shifts and hunt for the pressure.

The pen end was severely favored in the first and second race. In fact in race two, Andy Fox nailed the pen on port tack and jumped out to an immediate 200 yard lead only one minute into the race. He would lead at every buoy and win the race. Andy is a great sailor and has a sailing resume that possibly the best here. In race 3, the line was a little more square but still slightly favored the pen by about 7 degrees.

Jeff Annis won race one by winning the start and leading at every buoy. Andy Fox won race two by winning the start (sort of-port tack worked this time) leading at every buoy. Greg Gust did the same thing in race three. Greg gets the consistency award for his 3,2,1 finishes. The value of winning the start in large fleets shows up here with the three race winners today.

Top Master for the day is Greg Gust from Rush Creek Yacht Club just outside Dallas. Top Single-Handed sailor Mark Tesar from Clear Lake, Iowa. Top Grand Master was local favorite Harvey Baker. Top Mega-Master after three races is Dr. Jack Kern from Rush Creek.

This is a seven race series. If we get to seven races there will be one throw-out race. Here are the top ten after three races.

  1. Greg Gust (crew) 6
  2. Mark Tesar (SH)  11
  3. Mike Risewick (SH)19
  4. Dan “Squad Car” Fink (SH) 21
  5. Andy Fox (Crew)
  6. Jeff Annis (SH)23
  7. Noel Neuman (SH) 23
  8. Eric Protzman (Crew) 25
  9. Todd Tesar (SH) 33
  10. Scott Griffiths (SH) 35

The rest in order – Jeff Nicholas, Drew Mize, Steve Everist, Kenny Baggett, Justin Adams, Jeff Surles, Bob Cole, Scott Tillema, Harvey Baker, Jeff Grinnan, Grant Gerondale, Wiley Pollard, EHood, Drew Ziegler, Harry Harested, Jack Kern, David Hamilton, Ted Lischer, Bob Cantrell, Jeff Meyers, Harry Drake, Danny Ziegler, Stefan Schulze, Phil Ecklund, Dave Bedeau, Brian Morgan, Scott Baker, Gary Schroeder, Jack Hattendorf, Brad Farrar, John Kerr, Herman van Beek, George Silvey, Jim Stinson, Roger Adams, Ron Stryker, Karey Low, Matt Gillis , Joel Erickson, Rob Stout, Terry Haug.

Long courses , great racing medium/heavy wind. Four races to go.

More to come.
Jeff Annis and Eric Hood (long day on the water – we did a combo report J)