Vincent Porter Leading After 3 Races at Day 1 of the 2009 Blue Chip Regatta

Vincent Porter Leading After 3 Races at Day 1 of the 2009 Blue Chip Regatta © Tammy Sawyer Related topics:

25 September 2009

As published by the National Class E-Scow Association

Race one started out on the light side, about 6 mph, and built during the race to about 10 mph. The course was 2 1/2 heading about 110 (don't remember the exact course heading). The wind was from 100 to 130 degrees. Will Graves (V-74) rounded first followed by Sam Rogers (M-42) and Vincent Porter (I-49). They traded places by the third upwind with Porter leading Graves and Rogers. The last downwind saw Porter and Graves coming into the mark from the North shore but a group from the opposite side had the breeze and managed to get between Porter and Graves. Porter went on to win, Rogers second, and Graves fell to 7th. Third was Bill Burns (V-300), followed by Dick Wight (MA-10), Bob Biwer (V-777), Friend, Graves, Jim Gleuk (X-751), Will Demand (SS-1), and Kevin Jewett (V-123) in 10th place. The race lasted 43 minutes.

After a lunch break the second race started at 1:12 and most of the boats had added fourth crews. The wind was still very shifty, 10-13 mph, and the RC delayed a couple of times to adjust for the shifts. Again 100 to 135 degrees but they weren't gradual shifts, they came in sharp. This race had a new cast at the first weather mark - Peter Maas (X-20) lead, Kevin Jewett (V-123), Rob Terry  (CR-66), PJ Friend (V-11), and Lon Schoor (H-7). There was lots of opportunity for lead changes and position changes throughout the whole race. The course was 5 times around and the shifts were big and sharp causing moments of joy and anguish on each boat during the leg. However, the shifts tended to average people out at each mark rounding. Porter had a  7th  place mark rounding and then a 14th at the next mark and passed one boat to finish 13th - Will Demand (SS-1) worked his way up from 15th at the first mark to 7th at the finish. Jim Gluek (V-751) moved from 23rd to 16th at the finish. The Mystery Guest, Liz Baylis, started to get the feel of things and she moved from 20th to 12th at the finish. At the Gun it was Rob Terry, Jewett, Maas, Biwer, Art Brereton (TO-101), Friend, Tom Burton (M-9), Tom Klaban (WH-11), Demand, and Schoor to round out the top ten. The race lasted 70 minutes.

The third race had the wind swing a little more to the right, but the huge shifts stayed with us. This time it was 3 1/2 times around. Rogers lead the first part of the race and then fell to second as Porter took the second half of the race. Klaban was 3rd at the first mark followed by Jewett, Jules Hannaford (M-7), Brereton, Demand, and Tom Sweitzer (V-9). Klaban faded on the third upwind and Mass liked things and he moved up from 11 to 7th. The winds for this race were the roughest yet. Hannaford finished last after his 5th place at the first mark - many felt the frustration he had. Brereton was just behind Hanafford at the first mark and slipped to 20th. Nobody likes to see that in print but I wanted to give you an idea of the wind we were beating ourselves up with. On the upside, Graves moved up from 12 to 4th, Burton went from 20th to 5th at the finish. It ended with Porter taking his second win followed by Rogers, Jewett, Graves, Burton, Biwer, Maas, Sweitzer, Jeff Solum (M-12), and Demand in 10th.

The VERY (not from the RC) unofficial standings are:

1  Porter 1, 13, 1 = 15
2  Rogers 2, 11, 2 = 15
3  Jewett 10, 2, 3 = 15
4  Biwer 5, 4, 6 = 15
5  Demand 9, 9, 10 = 28
6  Dick Wight 4, 15, 11 = 30
7  Friend 6, 6, 18 = 30