Sam Rogers and Team Take the Lead at E Scow Blue Chip Regatta

Sam Rogers and Team Take the Lead at E Scow Blue Chip Regatta © Tammy Sawyer Related topics:

26 September 2009

As published by the National Class E-Scow Association

The fourth race of the regatta got off at 10:05 in light shifty winds of about 4-5 mph from 290 degrees, give or take 15 degrees! At the start there was a left shift and boats had to tack to port to cross the line heading to the first mark about .8 miles up the lake. There were several short shifts up the middle and the lead boat, Rogers, did it right and then worked to the right side (north shore). Jewett headed for the right side a little earlier and lost some to the boats that worked the middle for a couple of tacks before heading to the right. Porter was to the left of the leaders most of the leg. At the first mark it was: Rogers, Biwer, Schoor, Burton, Swietzer, Jewett, Porter. Three more laps to go. Rogers stretched it out, Burton steadily moved up, Porter did the same, picking a boat at a time off for three laps. Schoor dropped a few on each downwind and got them back on the upwinds. Sweitzer slid from 5th to 16th on the first downwind as the leaders stayed more toward the south shore and those that tried the center of the lake struggled, like Sweitzer. Wight passed the most boats on the 3 laps - going from 17 at the first mark to 5th and the finish. Biwer had it going until the last fourth of the last beat when he got a little too much left of some competitors and dropped 3-4 boats. That gives you an idea of the shifty conditions, but also there was a little drop in pressure as well to make things doubly challenging. It ended with Rogers, Burton, Schoor, Porter, Wight, Jewett, Solum, Biwer, Rick Turner, and Friend.

After lunch they took us out for a 1:30 start but the wind went dead. They waited and got some reports that is was filling at the top of the lake from a new direction. The course was set at 270 degrees, 3 1/2 times around with the same .8 mile legs, and the breeze was 5-6 mph. Porter jumped out quick on the left side and on the first shift had a nice port tack on top of the fleet as most headed to the middle where there seemed to be more wind. Another group worked the south shore and the angles - at the first mark it was Porter, Jewett, Gluek, Wight, Turner.  I think the first boats from the south shore may have been Turner, Rob Terry in 6th, and Bill Burns in 9th. The first downwind was congested and it was a struggle to find a lane in the light air (at least where I was). I think the leaders played the south shore. The wind was up and down and the shifts were legitimate - boats looked good and then bad but it seemed to average itself out by the upwind mark. Friend made the biggest gains and moved from 18th to 7th, but Hannaford was good too.  A lap later moving from 21st to 11th - Jules liked the right side upwind and generally that was working for a majority of the boats. just as there were a few boats with big gainers, there were a few that had big losses. Those that struggled were Turner, Terry, Klaban - sorry guys. At the finish it was Porter, Gluek, Rogers, Wight, Jewett, Friend, Burton, Hannaford, Burns, and the Mystery Guest Liz Baylis

The official standings after 5 races:

1   Rogers 2, 11, 2, 1, 3 = 19
2   Porter 1, 13, 1, 4, 1  = 20
3   Jewett 10, 2, 3, 6, 5 = 26
4   Biwer 5, 4, 6, 8, 13 = 36
5   Wight 4, 15, 11, 5, 4 = 39
6   Burton 23, 7, 5, 2, 7 = 44
7   Friend 6, 6, 18, 10, 6 = 45
8   Gluek 8, 16, 12, 14, 2 = 52
9   Schoor 13, 10, 21, 3, 12, = 59
10 Graves 7, 19, 4, 17, 18 = 64