The 2009 Blue Chip Regatta Trophy Goes to Vincent Porter, Rogers Wins the Final Race

The 2009 Blue Chip Regatta Trophy Goes to Vincent Porter, Rogers Wins the Final Race © Tammy Sawyer Related topics:

27 September 2009

As published by the National Class E-Scow Association

The fleet sailed out to the start in about a 7 mph breeze from 190 degrees. The forecast was for lots more breeze. While we were in sequence you could see the new big breeze way up the lake and it was coming down fast. As it filled in the starboard end became more favored and had more wind. Most of the boats saw it developing and  were there to take advantage. Rogers jumped out quick and seemed to have speed on those around him. He just kept pulling away on every leg of the 3 1/2 course. Friend rounded in second in a pack that included Demand, Burton, Gluek, Graves, Porter, Jewett, Turner, Schoor. The boats that jibed right at the offset gained big as the breeze was still building from that side of the course. The downwind ride was exciting and showed off the new speed of the E-scow with the asymmetrical spinnakers. At the bottom Rogers lead followed by Demand, Graves, Friend, Gluek, Porter. The legs were .9 miles long. The downwind ride lasted less than 5 minutes and the upwind lasted about 10 minutes. 5 minutes goes by quick when you have to set the spinnaker, clean-up, jibe, takedown and cleanup some more - I didn't hear anyone complaining!  I had a breakdown and didn't see what was working and what wasn't for the rest of the race. But I did see Sam with a big lead and pulling away on the second downwind, this time on the opposite side (East) of the course. A few boats had moments of success. Biwer was in the second half of the fleet at the first mark but worked up to 4th by the second downwind - only to slip to 7th at the finish. Porter just kept grinding away moving up from 7th to 3rd at the finish. Sweitzer was doing the same, he didn't show up my radar until the second upwind in 9th place and then hiked his way into 5th at the finish. Friend struggled and his 2nd slipped away little by little, Burton was up and down but faded a few place in the second half of the race - was Tom predicting their fate the night before when he commented about how a team of 50 year olds had good fortune all year against the younger teams of Rogers, Porter, and Jewett. [I think a made a mistake - now he'll be even more motivated for next year.] First time Blue Chip competitor, Mark Unicome, liked the breeze and had one of his better races finishing 14th - he'll be back.

At the finish it was: Rogers, Demand, Porter, Gluek, Sweitzer, Graves, Biwer, Burton, Brereton, Jewett. 

Top Ten Overall: 

1   Porter   22pts
2   Jewett   35pts
3   Biwer    42pts
4   Wight    49pts
5   Burton   51pts
6   Gluek    55pts
8   Rogers   57pts
9   Friend   57pts
9   Graves   68pts
10  Demand   71pts