2009 Halloween Regatta A Howling Good Time For 48 MC Scows

2009 Halloween Regatta A Howling Good Time For 48 MC Scows © Randall Moring Related topics:

11 October 2009

Article courtesy of Eric Hood - Forty-eight MC Scows with 19 of those driving over 300 miles attended this year's big southeast event of the fall the famous Augusta Sailing Club Halloween Regatta. This multi-class regatta had four different courses on big Lake Strom Thurmond Lake out in front of ASC. Tons of young sailors in Optis, Sunfish and a wide variety of boats. The MC Scow Class was the largest once again in this 50 year old plus regatta. We also had 8 E Scows sailing this year.

Five races were held in a variety of conditions that included a real light, a light, a medium light, a medium and a heavy. PRO Bob Harkrider did a great job getting in the five races under very shifty conditions. Huge weather system moved in on Saturday but broke up just west of where we were and it made for some big shifts throughout the event.

Before we get into some detail I have to mention that this is a destination spot for many on their yearly calendars. Great spot for families and to bring crew. The food is great, the parties, the hospitality. ASC has a great and massive volunteer force that I wish you could duplicate. Check it out on Google Earth or go to the club website sometime and mark down your calendars for next year. It will come just after the MC National Championship at Lake Lanier near Atlanta.

This was regatta was won by less than 1' after 5 hard fought races. Just imagine if you could improve your sailing by say 1' for every minute of sailing. Most races are about 75 minutes long. 75' would be gained. In this crowd this past weekend that could be anywhere from 5-8 boats or in the case of 1st and 2nd just 1' in the last second of the last race.

Lots of folks came early and practiced on Friday which was great to see. Jeff Annis our host for the MCs rolled out the red carpet with valet trailer service, save the date signs everywhere for next year's great MC schedule and much more. We had some happy campers for sure this past weekend at Augusta.

Now on to some racing. Race winners Robert Newland (Lake Eustis race 1), Jeff Annis (Augusta Sailing Club race 2), Eric Hood (Lake Eustis race 3), Richard Blake (Hoover Sailing Club race 4), Robert Newland (Lake Eustis race 5). All five races were W2 courses so the PRO and RC group could kick off new races right away. So this was a whole new strategy to think about for many folks and that was finishing downwind.

The secret to four of the five races was being in the pressure and being a big lake it was easy to stray for some and literally sail right out of the obvious pressure on the lake (that is obvious if you were wearing polarized sunglasses). I know I took mine off for a brief time and could not see the breeze on the water nearly as well. The one heavy air race was all about picking up on a slow but very persistent left wind shift that started shortly after the starting gun on that race. If you were not on the left side you for this it would be hard to recover. Velocity in the big wind race was all that everyone could handle. Downwind was really interesting with all five races finishing downwind. Lots of talk back at the club about who was fast and what was working. The fast boats were constantly searching for more breeze, working their mainsheets and hunting the wave patterns. This was a tough crowd actually probably nearly 1/2 of the same folks who will be at our two biggest events next year both in the southeast the Midwinter's and the Nationals. We are shooting for 100 boats at each event. Watchwww.mcscow.orgfor the date announcements and plan early.

Division Winners
Top Woman - Amy Larkin from Lake Lanier who really sailed well and had a third in race 3. She will be a threat to win the Nationals next year.
Top Under 50 - David Mooring sailing his brand new Melges MC 2510 certainly he is a threat to win one of the big dances next year.
Top Master - EHood sailing 2511
Top Grand Master - Lenny Krawcheck from Charleston and always a serious threat
Top Mega Master - Dr. Jack Kern

We have some new nicknames for a couple of our MC sailors. You know like one we all know is Dan "Squad Car" Fink, well Dan has some new company with two MC sailors with new nicknames. Don "Gas Card" Francher who won the 100 gas card in the drawing for the 19 - 300 mile plus drivers and then Bob "Toga Toga" Cole from Lake Keuka who dressed up and did the Halloween revue this year.

So overall it came down to the last race and at the line David Mooring inched out EHood by 1' to take the title. 3rd place went to Robert Newland. 4th went to Richard Blake who really sailed well and also won a race. Regatta chair Jeff Annis who had his hands full with onshore activities did very well considering everything on his plate and a couple of light air races to deal with. Jeff won by a country Georgia mile in his race victory. 6th went to Rob Seidelmann who was consistent in the shifty breezes. Seventh went to Chris Craig who is planning on a upgrade in boats for 2010 which will make him or better yet Julie his wife very tough to beat. Stan Stanton also looking to get a fresh new boat for 2010 and the big year of racing in the southeast sailed very well finishing 8th. Bob "Toga Toga" Cole had a couple of strong races that kept him in the top ten finishing 9th. Dr. Jack Kern sailed really well all weekend but had a sticky fifth race but still stayed in the top ten.

Many thanks to our friends at Augusta Sailing Club for an outstanding job. Way to go ASC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For full results check outwww.mcscow.org

One more big event to sail this year and that is the Southeast Championship down at Lake Eustis in November.

Eric Hood
MC 2511