The Audi Melges 20 Is Hot

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12 January 2010

Report right out of Zenda, Wisconsin — Audi Melges 20s are everywhere in shop as we are producing boats for the 2010 racing season. Check out the latest photos of a container leaving for Melges Europe in Italy. Four Audi Melges 20’s were put into a container just before the New Year.

Great racing in the USA with the newly formed Miami Winter Series and a fantastic tour in Europe make this boat a global success right off the bat. Watch for more boats to be leaving the factory in famous Zenda, Wisconsin USA.

Hull Number? We are nearing 180!

The Audi Melges 20 is quickly becoming a leading sportboat class. Why? First, the boat is a thrill to sail. Exciting yet very simple and very controlled. How can you beat no hiking!? This makes the sailing more social upwind and downwind. Every team has mentioned this. The boat is simple to trailer just like all of the other Melges Boats. Quick to rig and a cinch to launch. With the Audi Melges 20 you are on the water in moments.

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