First Annual E Scow Midwinter Regatta, Rules Changes and Directors Meeting

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24 January 2010

As published by NCESA's Digital Reaches


Regular and Associate members of the past couple of years received a 2010 membership letter & form in the mail. Please renew you membership using the personal data provided in the letter. This is the On-Line Membership link you should use. If you prefer, you can mail the Membership form to me. If you do not have a form, here is the Membership Form link. 

It is especially important for Associate members to renew their membership because a 2010 valid membership is required for your skippers to register for some regattas.

The NCESA values your support. A paid membership at either the $15 Associate level or the $50 Regular, support class administration & management, newsletters, the website, and the REPORTER magazine.  All of these are critical to the success of the class, and it is true that "the value of your boat depends on the success of your class".


Four ballot items are being voted on this year. Regular members should have received the ballot in the mail. The ballots are due on Feb 7, 2010. If you did not get a ballot, print one from the NCESA website

If you would prefer to email the ballot to me that would be fine as well.

1.  "The bowsprit may be extended on any leg of the course where the asymmetrical spinnaker can be carried solely for that purpose. When rounding the weather mark with the spinnaker not deployed, the bowsprit may not be extended until after the bow of the yacht is abreast of the mark on the rounding tack. The bowsprit must be retracted as part of a continuous process of retrieving the spinnaker. The bowsprit may be extended momentarily, when well clear of other yachts, to assist in clearing a fouled tack line."

2.  Set a mid-girth measurement - currently there is no mid-girth measurement specified for the asymmetrical spinnaker. The North asymmetrical spinnakers have a mid-girth measurement of 17'4". Also, reduce the luff length of the asymmetrical spinnaker by 2 inches but grandfather all sails made for the 2009 and previous years. The reduction in size will help improve visibility and handling. Existing North sails fit in the recommended measurements. Change the rules to set the mid-girth measurement of 17'4" plus or minus 3" and to make the luff length 35'1" plus 0" minus 6" for all new construction.  

3.  If ballot item #2 passes that significantly narrows down the dimensions of the asymmetrical spinnaker so there is essentially only one size allowed, then allow two asymmetrical spinnakers to be registered for use at an event. This ballot item can only pass if ballot item #2 passes.

4.  Clarify the current understanding about the use of windows in the asymmetrical spinnaker to allow windows of unlimited size and placement, using a minimum 7 oz. material weight.


ArtBreretonYour new Commodore, Art Brereton, brought the NCESA Directors to the Chicago Yacht Club on Nov 7th for the annual Directors meeting. We were also honored by a surprise guest, Dick Turner. Dick attended the very first NCESA meeting 52 years ago. 

This Meeting Minutes link contains the full text of the proceedings.


  • Welcomed new term directors: Bob Cole, Will Demand, Pete Price, Jeff Solum, and Ted Beier
  • Proposed a ballot for 4 Rules changes (see previous article)
  • Approved Bob Stevens as the PRO for the National Championships at Little Egg Harbor. The 2011 National Championship will be at Torch Lake with Blake Middleton as the PRO, and the 2012 National Championship was awarded to Lake Geneva Yacht Club
  • Donated the balance ($1500) of the Doug Love grant ($25,000) to the Island Height Sailing foundation that provides E-Scows to two youth skippers
  • Moved forward on creating a 'Points Champion' for 2010
  • Proposed the creation of a Development Committee to be approved by the membership at the 2010 Annual Membership meeting


Following is a letter I received from the Lake Eustis Sailing Club to promote a new Mid Winter Regatta.

 Lake Eustis Sailing Club
1310 N County Road 452
Eustis, FL 32726

First Annual E-Scow Mid Winters Regatta
March 12-14, 2008

Happy New Year!

The First Annual Lake Eustis Sailing Club Midwinter E-Scow Regatta is coming in less than three months!! Don't block your boat in a deep corner behind impassable snow piles. Please join us at Lake Eustis Sailing Club (LESC) in beautiful Lake County, Central Florida, March 12-14, 2010! Have a look at the facilities using the LESC address on Google Earth

Lake Eustis Sailing Club has a rich history as the site of midwinter sailing activity. This first E-scow MidWinters will be held in conjunction with the 12th Annual C Scow Midwinter Championship Regatta and the 5th Annual M-17 Midwinter Championship Regatta. The 38th Annual MC Midwinter Championship Regatta follows just a week later. The C, 17, and MC regattas are preceded by Zenda U racing clinics (and with enough E participation we hope to offer an E Zenda U race clinic as well). For more southern E racing, the Carolina Yacht Club offers the Easter regatta April 2-3.

You can also find the NoR on the National Class E Scow Association website at and at the Lake Eustis Sailing Club website 

The NOR includes registration links. Please register electronically if at all possible. You can check in later to see the list of those planning to attend by using the link within the NOR. Please encourage your E boat friends to join you at LESC for a sailing break from snow and cold!

You can find some information on accommodations in the area of LESC by using links on the NoR or on the Lake Eustis Sailing Club website. The NOR also offers links for lots of information on the greater Central Florida area (search for Lake County), and for accommodations/rentals and more local items of interest. 

We're looking forward to a great time at Lake Eustis for MidWinters, 2010!

Lake Eustis Sailing Club Midwinter Committee
Bob Cole (Keuka and Lake Eustis Sailing Club)

Download the NOR


A Google Calendar has been added to the website to give an alternative view of the NCESA regatta schedule. Check it out at NCESA Schedule. View the month of March and note the Easter regatta at Charleston and the One Design Midwinters at Sarasota.