2010 MC Scow Zenda University – All Graduate!

2010 MC Scow Zenda University – All Graduate! ©2010 JH Peterson Related topics:

18 March 2010

The 14th Annual Melges MC Zenda University Training course just concluded. As you can see in this photo – smiling faces as all graduated! Lake Eustis Sailing Club is the site for the event. For 14 years now Melges Performance Sailboats and North Sails Zenda have put on a fantastic training session for MC sailors. This takes place 2 days prior to the Midwinter Championship. Two days of intense learning takes place. On land discussions, video review and demonstrations along with on the water coaching, racing and practice drills. The atmosphere is positive, reinforcing, fun and rewarding for the students.

Most of all it is fun for the instructors as we get the opportunity to see instant results. Every sailor improves. Every sailor gets faster and every sailor becomes more comfortable in their Melges MC. After the two days of coaching they get to roll right into the Midwinter Championship which features over 80 boats this year!

“Last year Rob Terry from Crystal Lake, Michigan finished 2nd in the Zenda University Racing Clinic and then went on to win the Midwinter Championship. The course works. It really improves the students sailing”, says Instructor Eric Hood.

How far reaching is this event? Jerry Roloson drove for a full week from the state of Washington to attend Zenda University and the MC Midwinter Championship. Why? Because he wanted to improve in the boat, take lots of notes so he can help his fellow fleet members back home and so he could trailer a new boat home in order to grow his fleet. How many boats do they have in his area? Nearly 35 boats now! The Melges MC spreads across the USA.

Come to Zenda University in 2011. Sign up now though – we limit the class to 20 boats so that everyone receives personal attention!

Instructors were Eric Hood, Ted Keller and Andy Burdick

Top Five in the ZU Racing Clinic:

  1. Rob Terry – Crystal Lake, Michigan, North Sails
  2. Bob Cole – Kueka, New York, North Sails
  3. Richard Blake – Hoover, Ohio, North Sails
  4. Steve Everist -  Okoboji, Iowa, North Sails
  5. Bruce Patterson – Palo Alto, California, North Sails

Most Improved: Jerry Roloson and Tim Marvil