Rob Seidelmann Leads The 73-Boat Strong Melges MC Scow Fleet At Midwinters 2010

Rob Seidelmann Leads The 73-Boat Strong Melges MC Scow Fleet At Midwinters 2010 ©2009 Randall Mooring Related topics:

20 March 2010

A great day of racing in in 7-12 mph of wind today on day 2 here at Lake Eustis. Similar wind directions with 290 degrees being the call from Dave Williams and his RC team.
The really great thing about today was the Florida sunshine finally made it to Lake Eustis and temps got into the 70s.  
Perfect race conditions which made for some big moments on the race course. The starts were critical again and if you started not at your best you needed that quick escape plan.  Almost all of the races those who bailed out quickly onto port tack and headed north for the big rights in the upper half of the course did very well.  There was a lesson many of us talked about today and I can testify to it for sure.  If you got caught in the middle in the upper half of the course somebody was going to get you on the sides and usually groups.  Most of the time it was the right group.  Downwind was very tough.  The wind actually was showing on the water pretty well but you had to fight for your lanes and fight for your puffs.  Again the middle seemed to always get hurt the worst going down.
5 races are completed now.  1 more to go on Saturday with wind predictions around 5-10mph .  There are no throwouts and the point spread is really tight with 1st through 7th only seperated by 10 points.
Race winners today were Rob Seidelmann and Dave Mooring who both sailed great races and came from behind to do so.
Here are the scores for the top ten boats out of 73 boats.
Rob Seidelmann 3-5-16-1-14=39
Rob Terry           6-2-15-13-5=41
Andy Fox           1-1-34-4-3=43
David Mooring     4-10-29-2-1=46
Ted Keller          13-8-5-14-8=48
Eric Hood           2-12-7-15-13=49
David Moorhouse 10-9-6-3-21=49
Jeff Nicholas        16-4-10-9-23=62
Justin Adams       12-15-11-19-10=67
Dan Fink              28-16-1-17-6=68