2010 MC Scow Midwinter Championship

2010 MC Scow Midwinter Championship (c)2009 Randall Mooring Related topics:

22 March 2010

Great first day winds and three races for the 73 boats registered for the Midwinter Championship this year a the Lake Eustis Sailing Club.

Winds from 280-325 degrees at 8-18 mph for the three races today. Race 3 was more like 8-11mph with the first two races having more wind.  Teams with crews took them first two races and most dropped for the third race.

Very competitive group. 2 Zenda University graduates from earlier in the week are in the top ten though.  Lots of OCSs and one request for redress pending but other than that only one or two swimmers and one broken sidestay (age). It was a very good first day.

Day two have winds predicted to be in the range of 8-15 mph. The good news is the Florida sunshine comes for the first time in days with some warmer weather.  Today temps were high 60s but cool water and northwest breeze made it a little chilly.

Good starting lines and courses from Dave Williams and team. Lots of OCSs though which was tough for some folks.

Outstanding food, organization, planning by June Howells, Mary Ann Ward and a cast of dozens for volunteers.

Great post race conference led by June Howells with the top 5 and the race winners.

Here are the top 10

Rob Terry (Zenda U) 6-2-15 = 23
Rob Seidelmann 3-5-16 = 24
David Moorhouse 10-9-6 = 25
Ted Keller 13-8-5= 26
Jeff Nicholas 16-4-10=30
Andy Fox 1- 1- 34=36
Skip Moorhouse 8-19-9=36
Justin Adams 12-15-11=38
Eric Hood 2-12-(26 Redress request)=40
Craig Eaton 7-33-3=43

To see full entry list visit www.mcscow.org.