2010 Carolina Yacht Club Easter Regatta

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9 April 2010

The setting Charleston, South Carolina and one of the most challenging and fun venues we have for E Scows and MC Scows. This year we had over 60 boats participate in the three classes that consisted of the MC Scows and E Scow plus Lasers.

For those of you who have not sailed in Charleston Harbor just go to Google Earth and take a look. You have two major rivers in the Ashley and Cooper rivers that feed into Charleston Harbor and then a tiny choke point in the shallows and single large ship channel out at Ft. Sumter where the tides can go in and out from the Atlantic.

So the tides and current not only help drive the wind but obviously also a big part of your race strategy. Tons of fun when you add this dimension of current in boats where we do not normally sail with current.

For crew members who might not sail in lighter winds or for family members who come along on Easter weekend there are a ton of things to do right near the Carolina Yacht Club. The house tours, Market Street, College of Charleston, The Yorktown, The Citadel, Plantation tours not far out of town, great restaurants, Ft. Sumter, the Atlantic Ocean and more. Here is the easy part you all, the date is easy to remember – Easter weekend and we do not race on Easter Sunday for those going to different services around town. The most popular being on the High Battery at Sunrise on Sunday morning.

The team from Carolina Yacht Club has been running this great regatta for a long time now and they did a great job with our race courses during this full moon week and big tides. PRO Harvey McCormick and Tommy Harken led a large volunteer team both onshore and out on the water. Their hard work allowed us to get all six races by mid-afternoon Saturday. The conditions could not have been better. Races 1,2,3 were held in 7-10 mph and race 4 in 8-12 mph then races 5-6 in 11-15 mph. Lots of spectator boats, mark boats and water boats on the course. Perfect, safe, fun and fast sailing.

In the E Scow Class Robbie Wilkins sailing SC27 won the first 5 races in his fleet allowing him to come in and cool down that hot tiller hand for race 6 and not sailing with the drop in play. Boats from Michigan, New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina, Colorado and New York came in for the event. Check out the E Scow website and newsletters for those full results to be reported soon.

Sunfish World Champion David Loring won the Laser class. Charleston will be hosting the Laser Masters Championship later this year and many were in town preparing for that event.

In the MC Class it was great racing and went down to the last race much like the Midwinter Championship. Just goes to show you that the regatta is not over till it is over.

Race Winners were Eric Hood winning race 1 and 2, Jeff Annis race 3, Kurt Stadele race 4, Lenny Krawcheck race 5 and local M24 and MC sailor Reggie Fairchild winning race 6.

You certainly can tell the Nationals are coming to the south as the game seems to be notched up already early in the season with the tough sailing at Eustis and now here at Charleston. Folks are fighting for every position which is really exciting to see. Lots of spring regattas coming up soon so make sure you start prepping now for the big dance in October.

Here are some final race results. (Six races held and one throw-out)

EHood 2516
Lenny Krawcheck 2453
Jeff Annis 2481
Mark Marenakos 1950
Reggie Fairchild 2049
Kurt Stadele 2067
Will Sloger 1721
David Helmick 2393
Charlie Laffitte 2482
Oliver Humphries 1712
Guy Mossman 2486
Bob Wynkoop 2402
John Bowden 2002
Bob Miller 2460
Justin Walling 1774
Bull Schmidt 21
Brian Swan 1940
Brian Slater 1800
Jennifer Jones 1853

1-1-6-3-2-2 = 9
3-7-2-2-1-4 = 12
4-4-1-5-3-5 = 17
2-2-9-7-4-3 =18
14-5-3-4-10-1 =23
10-6-4-1-7-6 = 24
8-raf-7-6-8-12 = 41
7-17-8-10-11-7 =43
9-9-12-15-9-8 = 47
11-16-10-11-6-10 = 48
12-15-16-9-5-11 = 52
15-14-11-8-13-9 = 55
5-3-15-DNC-DNC-DNC = 63
13-13-14-12-12-13 = 63
6-12-DNS-13-14-DNS = 65
18-8-5-DNC-DNC-DNC = 71
17-11-13-14-DNF-DNS = 75
16-10-18-DNC-DNC-DNC = 84
19-19-18-17-16-15-DNC = 85

A HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to Sonny Meevers one of great sailing friends from Charleston who always hosts the Easter awards ceremony at his mansion on the battery at 17 E. Battery (Google Earth to see ). If nothing else you want to come down to meet Sonny and go to his party at Easter just for the great friendship with him and the history of his home that he shares with all of us.

Okay, last some class family news. Take a good look at your calendars, get your ducks lined up in a row and plan out your championship season. I would highly encourage all of you to put the National Championship late in the year at Lake Lanier on your schedule. Watch for the NORs and registration page to go live shortly for the National Championship. Our goal is 100 boats this year. If all the northern folk saddle up this can happen. Word on the street that the West Michigan group is secretly gearing up, changing the oil in their motor homes and bringing a big group down to take all the candy home back to West Michigan. So there is your challenge New Jersey, Florida, Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee , North Carolina, New York, Illinois, Louisiana, Washington, Alabama, Mississippi and any other states I failed to mentioned that normally come to the big dance.

Also, congratulations to David Helmick who purchased 2543 and is hoping we have a good summer of MC selling so he can sail his boat at the Nationals. Right now the factory is around 2525. If you have not tried the new boat just let Andy Burdick, Harry Melges, Charlie Harrett, Jim Gluek or myself know and we will arrange for you to try one out.

Lots of great spring regattas coming up. Check out www.mcscow.org

Remember the best way to grow our class is to help out our new sailors and those who are working hard at trying to get better. All of us benefit when we take care of all ends of the fleet.

MC 2516