Melges Spring RUSH!

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7 May 2010

Jon Just and Taylor Just from Pewaukee, Wisconsin ventured down to Melges to pick up Taylor’s brand new Melges X boat. Congratulations Just family and thank you for getting a brand new Melges X from us. Taylor is a great baseball player but we really hope to hook him into the lifelong sport of sailing.

Jon and Taylor Just

The Spring Rush at Melges is ON. New Melges 32’s, Melges 24’s, Melges 20’s and all scows are going out the door on a daily basis.
Today, Karl Lanka from Spring Lake Michigan and David Staub from Lake Davenport, Iowa are each picking up brand new Melges C Scows. Melges is up to 15 new Melges C’s for the year – the C fleet is still strong!

If you are in the area – stop by Melges and check out the action!