2010 Cowtown Classic

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2 May 2010

Wow, 6 great races at this year's 14th Annual Cowtown Classic!!!!  Also, record attendance of 35 boats with the previous best being about 27 boats. So, great growth. On Friday, Ted Keller and EHood worked a ½ day clinic hosted by Ron Stryker and the Hoover Sailing Club . That group had five hours of classroom and sailing with 5 races. About 15 of the MC skippers actually sailed 11 races.

The weather reports were ominous and we actually had reports coming on Friday that it was possible we might not sail on Saturday or Sunday. Then, even though it was dark and spooky at times, the winds were great. The range through the 6 races was 7mph with a couple of shots coming through in the 18-19 m.p.h. range. Most of the time we sailed in 10-14 m.p.h. which was great. A solid workout, but not crazy.

Solid race committee work from Mark Anders who is in the Flying Scot fleet and MC Scow fleet made it nice for the group this weekend. Many thanks to Mark and all the volunteers who gave the MC skippers and teams a great weekend of racing.

Race winners for the weekend - Scott Harestad a new member for Hoover Sailing Club but still living down in Tennessee. Scott attributed the race 1 win to practicing on Friday. Race 2 was won by Andy Molesta of Spring Lake, Michigan. Local Hoover skipper Jeff Clark sailed a great race 3 and won that race. Race 4 won by champion swimmer Brett Hatton from Spring Lake. We say champion swimmer only because Brett had a spectacular death roll in our one windy race which was race 2 and while in second place at that. Race 5 was by Andy Molesta of Spring Lake for his second regatta race win. Then the last race was won by Jeff Annis which moved Jeff up quite bit in his final standings from the previous day.

The top three boats in this spring regatta really had a leg up on everyone all weekend.  The eventual winner was Andy Molesta with 21 points, 2nd local favorite Ted Keller with 29 points and third to Scott "Harry " Harestad.  Top Master was Jeff Annis who finished fourth. Top Grand Master was Doug Kiser who finished 5th. Sixth went to local sailor Richard Blake, seventh to EHood, eight to Top Junior Stuart Fisher, ninth to Sean Treacy of Keuka and tenth to John Hans from Michigan and DLYC. Top Woman was Judy Hearn from Lake Cowan.

This regatta was all about boat handling. I say that because if your boat handling was not good you could never put your boat in the right spot. The lake is long and skinny running north and south. The wind direction for all six races was perfect varying from 170 to 210 all weekend. Pretty steady from race to race but just enough change that you had to be quick with your tacks and react quickly as the breeze came across the dam (where the weather mark was) and eventually dropped down to lake level and would show itself. All of it happened very quickly so boat handling and tacking quickly upwind were a big deal. Downwind not a lot of passing but correct leeward gate selection was critical. Some passing happened here with again good boat handling moves making the difference.  That is what is so great about our spring regattas and our club sailing early summer is getting a chance to work on your boat handling before the big events come up later in the year. Several of us got to practice our 360s and 720s with some sticky and tight mark rounding's which if you do not get to practice live at regatta you should practice in practice before you go to any of the big events this year.

So in closing I would just encourage all of you to stay in touch with www.mcscow.org. Also, use the system in place for your Regatta NORs, use the MC Class scoring system that is available for free (huge help to the class in calculating national rankings and Blue Chip points). I would also encourage you to network with all of those in sphere of influence to make sure everyone in your group is feeling good about being connected to the class, connected to learning and wanting to try some MC regattas. It always takes as many leaders as possible to keep things moving and up to the right with growth and our new sailors.

Hope to see you soon somewhere at a regatta.

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