Great Weather For The Two Days of Racing and 1/2 Day of Zenda U. Training at Reeds Lake This Year.

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24 May 2010

Winds were good on Friday for the teams of MC skippers who came in early for some MC Scow training from Eric Hood and Coye Harrett.  Hood did the classroom and post race discussion and Harrett helped with pacing by sailing with the group for the four practice races and five starts held.  Lots of fun with great questions.  Very cool to see all the clinics this year - many thanks to Ted Keller, Coye Harrett, Jeff Annis, Scott Tillema, David Mooring, Andy Fox, Ron Stryker and the volunteers who are making this happen at many of the events.

The racing was some good ol'fashion light air Crazy Ivan stuff on Saturday with two races in 0-5 m.p.h. that saw a lot of complete flips in positions for almost everyone in the group.  I think everyone came home after the two tough drifters and could claim at some point "Hey there I was leading the race today".  After all the challenges of these two Saturday races, in the end both Curt Miller, race 1, and Cam McNeil, race 2, could say "There I was first at the finish".  The wind went away 100% by 3-3:30pm and the group of 29 MC skippers along with their entrourages' proceeded to the GRYC deck for some cool drinks.  By the way you should see the Home Improvement makeover they did to GRYC.  Very, very nice for sure.

Sunday with temps in the low 80s and some S.E. breezes ranging from 4-10 m.p.h. we had three good W 2&1/2s. No Crazy Ivans (180 wind shifts) like Saturday.  Some good Reeds Lake specials though with 20-30 degree shifts that you really needed to watch for. With the high hills and tree tops surrounding the smallest lake on the MC circuit (Harriett and Winnebago are close in size) you had to be ready with good boat handling to react, tack-gybe and get in that new breeze quickly. Starting lines were well placed and different each start. Sometimes leeward and sometimes windward end favored so that was fun trying to figure all that out with the shifty breeze.  Only one general recall all weekend.  A few folks got busted by the line cops. Some of the lakes we sail are clean and some lakes are challenged with weeds.  This was a spring with a early weed launch at Reeds Lake and it was one of those things you had to pay attention to making sure you were not sporting weeds on your boards on longer tacks or on your rudder both upwind and downwind.  Had some folks doing 720s and some mark maulers doing 360s - sportsmanship was great and everyone was laughing. Talent was off the charts for a spring regatta of 29 boats.

Many thanks to Regatta Chairman Rob Easley, his large volunteer team , our PRO team and all those who helped out at GRYC this weekend. The group here really want to see the Shakedown Regatta return to its old glory days of 40-55 boats and it feels like they are on their way. Some cool shirts and hardware (frames with your picture already in place).

Here are some scores. - Official will be posted soon on

1st - Cam McNeil 2-1-2-5-7 = 17
2nd - Jamie Kimball 4-7-3-3-4 =21
3rd - Coye Harrett  5-8-8-1-2 =24 Top Youth
4th - Rob Kimball 17-2-1-10-1= 31
5th - Eric Hood 19-8-6-2-3 =38 Top Master
6th - Brien Fox 3-4-11-17-5 = 40
7th - Chris Craig - 14-3-7-6-11 =41
8th - John Knape 6-19-4-11-6 =46
9th - Lara Lanka 7-11-10-9-19 =46 Top Woman
10 - Thor Sorrenson 12-6-13-7- 12 = 50
11 - Jeff Cornetet 58
12 - Jeff Minore 61
13 - Andy Rundquist 66
14 - Ken Bandstra 68
15 - Mary Vorel 80
16 - Chris Lopez 80
17 - John Erdman 83
18 - John Kroggel 85
19 - Dave Bedau 92
20 - Brian Horwood 94
21 - Curt Miller 105
22 - Stephen Streeting 109
23 - Dave Bloye 112
24 - John Merritt 114
25 - John Ebers 115
26 - Karel Vorel 120
27 - Gary White 123

Couple of great regattas coming up after all the club regattas this coming Memorial Day weekend. Check out and for all the latest info on MC Scow regattas, news and boats.