Day 2 and Final Results - Orlando Webb MC Regatta - Lake Lotawana

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7 June 2010

Day 2 at this 2nd largest MC regatta of the year (64 entered-57 actually sailed) brought some Crazy Ivan winds and a flip to the northwest. Light, challenging, fluky winds were the order of the day.

With only one race scheduled for the day we started early at 9 a.m.. This is always a tradition at Lake Lotawana because of the famous Lotawana Champagne Brunch. Actually I think a lot of folks come to this event for the three great parties (Friday night, Saturday night and the Brunch). All in all this was one of the most fun events of the year. Some new traditions started this year with racing clinics being incorporated into the event so a lot of teams came in on Thursday night for coaching by Andy Fox, Scott Tillema, David Mooring and then Eric Hood closed it out on Friday with some classroom final thoughts before the big event on Saturday. Put this event on your MC bucket list it will not disappoint you. And for those of you wondering can you really fit 57 MCs on Lotawana the answer is Yes :), no problem.

Probably the big lesson learned at Lotawana this year or re-learned is that you need to get off the line with some speed and need to have the ability to make two quick tacks probably in the first 1-2 minutes. Because the lake is long and skinny it is a "rich get richer scenario". Clear air is huge and is probably the number one mistake skippers and teams would be making. You have to have clear air, passing lanes and always be looking for the new fresh breeze coming in quickly over the high hills of Lotawana. Much of this event was a boat handling event. Being able to make those quick moves to get into those lanes of clear air and pressure really made a difference. Probably the top 6 boats did that the best this past weekend.

Andy Fox from Lake Eustis, Florida put a string of races together making no mistakes and that was key. He was not always in front during many of the races but one by one with much patience he picked off boats one by one. Andy really did a great job and clearly was the champ for this weekend. A fun three way tie that went down to the wire for second. Last year's runner-up Mark Long of Lake Winnebago sailed with his bride Aimee for the first three races and then made a huge comeback on the last leg of the last race to secure second. Danny Ziegler of Windycrest really put together some great race finished third and Scott Tillema who finished third last year finished fourth this year.

Here are the top ten and some category winners.
Andy Fox, Mark Long, Danny Ziegler, Scott Tillema, Steve Everist, Jeff Surles, Dave Mooring, Austin Chamberlin, Eric Hood, Drew Ziegler.
Top Overall and Master - Andy Fox
Top Under 50 and 2nd Overall - Mark and Aimee Long
Top Woman - Julia Lentz
Top Grand Master - Jeff Harriman
Top Mega Master - Jack Kern

Some great images, several hundred were taken by Geri Mullen. You can contact her at and she will let you know how she is going to post.

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Get ready for all the majors coming up. Masters next then Inlands, Nationals and more. Practice, practice, practice.

One more shout out for the way things were done this year at MYC. Lots of training, lots of great food and connection time. So good to see such a wide age range of sailors too. Many thanks to Gordon Hannebut, his wife and over 25 volunteers who raised the bar once again on how to throw a great regatta. Way to go Team Mizzou Yacht Club.
Thanks from all of us who sailed this fun event this year.