Final Report from the 2010 MCSA Masters Championship

Final Report from the 2010 MCSA Masters Championship Related topics:

27 June 2010

First of all, we knew that Okoboji, Iowa was the most northern and most western corner of our MCSA universe as far as sanctioned regatta venues are concerned. It was awarded due to their ability to put on a great event, their valiant efforts to attend regattas themselves, and their ability to provide the necessary qualifying paper work on time. This was my 4th regatta at OYC, so I was not at all daunted by the distance of the travel necessary to attend.

Also, the weather at OYC in June is just about perfect for sailboat racing. Our goal might have been 45 boats on the top end. We came in at 30 boats which was our lower end as far as expected turnout is concerned. However, it was a successful event. I would happily return to OYC again for a regatta. 

OYC did their job in the way of providing boats in the course with 10 in the field. OYC folks finished first and second in the Grand Master division, third, fifth, and sixth in the Master division, and first and second in the Women’s division. And second, third, fifth and seventh overall for 4 of the top 7. 

PRO Phil Peterson and his race committee team did a great job on the water, and off the water. Here are a few highlights from that effort.
1) The proper use of radios for communicating with the competitors. 
2) The information was always right on time and useful. 
3) They switched to the RC channel during the race so that we did not have to endure the typical RC chatter so common, and distracting. 
4) They promptly called back the OCS offenders. 
5) The radio talk we heard was concise, professional, and appropriate. And, they radio talk made us all feel as if they knew precisely what there were doing. That gives the fleet confidence about the whole racing program when the communication is right.

The club members and management (Brad Farrar) do a great job. The bar was open for business and the free beer that came with registration was well used by many. The other adult libations were reasonably priced and served very quickly and well prepared. Plenty of water and soda were plentiful throughout the event for the sailors. The food was very good throughout as they hosted 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 2 major dinner parties. The cost to the competitors was very reasonable. The registration was quick and easy.   

The grounds were immaculate, and the landscape was well groomed, and the grass was beautiful. The chairs under the trees and the picnic tables were laid out just the way you would want them.

The parking was well handled in advance. Everybody knew where to park and 8 boats were on lifts at the club. Another 7 were within a few yards of the hoist for easy in and out. And just a few were in the cross-street parking lot.

The competitors cooperated with the launching and retrieval with the hoist, and the club provided adult supervision to facilitate this. 

Wind was expected to be at 6 mph this morning, but instead it was blowing 18 to 25 mph at 8 am. We postponed on shore. It was monitored until 10:15 am when it was determined that it was time to pull the plug. So, there was to be no racing on the final day. The results were as follows:

Mega Masters
1. Jack Kern (6th overall)
2. Bob Miller
3. Dick Booth
4. Mike Flannigan
5. Hardy Will
6. Phil Ecklund

Grand Master
1. Steve Avery (2nd overall)
2. Larry Jensen (3rd overall)
3. Peter Toumanoff
4. Ron Stryker
5. Dave Bedau
6. Harvey Protzman
7. Brian Norwood

1. Richard Blake (Overall Champion)
2. Eric Protzman (4th overall)
3. Jeff Annis (8th overall)
4. Marty Palmer
5. Craig Brownlee
6. Gerry Dorsey
7. Danny Zeigler
8. Woody Woodruff
9. Chris Brooks  (New fleet 91 member in attendance)
10. Bill Nolte
11. Scott Baker
12. Tom Maser
13. Darrel Daniel
14. Darcy Berglund

1. Kelli Farrar (7th overall)
2. Susie Brantley

Steve Avery won the first and the third races. Eric Protzman won race number 2.

Richard Blake sailed a perfect three races by getting good starts and keeping his eyes on the places to be on the course. He was the most consistent, so he won. The key to Richard’s fast move up the leader board this year has been a few years of very steady hard work. He has listened, learned, and put time into being in the boat as much as possible. Earlier in the year, he won the Scowabunga Regatta at PYC. He has been making rapid improvements in his speed and in his ability to pick the places to be on the starting line and on the course. With great certainly, I can proclaim that Richard Blake has been the most improved sailor the last two years. He makes a great champion for our fleet. He is a fantastic sportsman, and a very enthusiastic promoter of our class. He teams with Ron Stryker at Hoover to keep things on the move in Columbus, Ohio for our class. 

It was a great regatta and everybody felt well served by their attendance. I look forward to sailing there again soon.

Jeff Annis