Hirn Takes MC Invitational - Cedar

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13 July 2010

by Rick Trester

Day three at the MC Invite.

We all arrived at the club with the wiinds from the southwest at 8-10 mph. With this direction we were able to sail right down the middle of the lake. Our windard legs were about 1 mile long and we sailed two races back to back. In the first race the windward end of the line was favored and for the lower 1/2 of the leg the right side paid off. What make this race interesting was that on the upper thrid of the leg you had to be on the left side. So the big decision was when to cross the lake. Bruce Gallagher and Noel Nueman figured it out the best and took first and secound. Paul Wood and Kelly Hirn finished sixth and seventh so with one race to go they were tied.

In the final race the wind built to 10-15 mph. Both Kelly and Paul had on crews. This race was very similar to the first one and finding the right place to cross the lake was key. Dan Fink looked like he was going to win the race but Stephan Schmidt caught him just before the finish. Kelly stayed in the front five boats while Paul slipped back to twelved. This gave Kelly the win.

One of the comments that came up was that when you put 40 MC on a smaller lake like Cedar it feels like you are in a sixty boat fleet. We had five different race winners.

Jim Walker finished at the 50th percentile of the fleet and therefore won the Shotski with a bottle of Jager.

  1. 2418 Kelly Hirn - 4
  2. 1779 Paul Wood M - 12
  3. 2144 Stefan Schmidt M - 1
  4. 1881 Bruce Gallagher - 5
  5. 1987 Noel Neuman - 9
  6. 2096 Steve Everist - 16
  7. 2444 Dan Fink - 2
  8. 1995 Jeff Surles - 14
  9. 2178 Mark Tesar - 7
  10. 2353 Tim Fredman GM - 17