Scott Tarmann Wins ILYA C Invitational

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19 July 2010

With a full complement of races, one throwout in effect, steady wind throughout and the crookedest windward legs most sailors had ever seen, the 2010 C Invitational is in the books. A large contingent (55!) sailed on the smallest lake to the delight of some, demise of others. Paul Reilly, runner-up, noted, "No wonder these Beulah sailors are so good! This is tough!". The top prize went to Scott Tarmann who creditied his crew Sam Andreski with all the excitement it took to keep Scott on task. Andreski is grandson of perennial winner Wally Schmid. Jeanne Andreski, Wally's daughter, was the third crew. The remaining top ten:

1 E- 55 Scott Tarmann/Sam Andreski/Jeanne Andreski 44
2 A- 14 Paul Reilly/Aaron Mann 45
3 OO- 88 Peter Keck/Dan Keck 56
4 B- 16 George Kutschenreuter/Jim Kutschenreuter/Robert Norris  58
5 M- 20 Tim Krech/Bre Krech/Anne Scheuerman 61
6 E- 1 Mark Prange/Bob Stelter/Debbie Prange66
7 V-137 Jim Gluek/George Rolfs 67
8 B- 17 David Porter/Katie Porter/Shawn Murphy 70
9 B-12 Kent Haeger/Mike Greeson  70
10 BL- 3 Patrick Lynch Kevin jewett/Chris Impens/Patrick Schmidt 74

The ILYA C Invite was fortunate to have three photographers onsite; Check  - great aerial shots.

Here is a note from Jim Petersen of Lake Geneva.

Just a quick note of thanks and great job this past weekend at Beulah.

I know several competitors said it was the best run regatta they have ever been to, and I certainly think it was among the very best as well.

Let me see if I can list just some of the reasons:

* place to put the boat a few days before the regatta - CHECK
* at least 3 volunteers at the hoist (and in the water) helping get boats in/out - CHECK
* plentiful tenders to/from mooring area - CHECK
* bottles and bottles of water available every morning, with the heat I bet we drank nearly 1,000? - CHECK
* refreshments post racing, bartending, and shotski - CHECK
* spectator boats - CHECK
* great food and extra helpings - CHECK
* all trailers line-up for haul-out was done some time very early on Sunday? - CHECK
* mooring buoys picked up after the regatta and placed for easy pick-up - CHECK
* creative trophies - CHECK

Anyone that didn't think Beulah could host 55 C boats now knows it can be done.

Best turnout for a C invite in how many years?

The success in logistics I am sure is due to months of great planning, and the volunteerism that is obvious at the Lake Beulah Yacht Club