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6 August 2010

Here we go! Geneva is ready with each of the sailing sessions featuring a casual dinner ($15) and a more formal dinner ($25). Racing back to back to back (on three-race days) to allow for a later start and less pier hassle for lunch. Lunches will be available for purchase to take out on the water. RC will give you a break between races for a leisurely sail back to the start for the post-lunch race. That brings you in early for the entertainment which is outstanding - thanks to our sponsors and the creativity of Mike Keefe, Geneva's Commodore. We have the return of the Gator and lots of girls we all like - Mount Gay Girls, Captain Morgan Girls, Budweiser Girls. (I'm not sure it's about the girls!). You get the picture - Geneva has worked to get us all in a festive mood to enjoy the event with great sponsors. The major sponsors listed below will make the evenings a special place to be by subsidizing the awards and evening music/food.

Lynch Dealerships
Performance Sailboats
North Sails One Design
Keefe Real Estate
John Simms
Charles Colman
Gordys Boats
Line Honors
Harken Innovative

Regatta chairs Jim Smith and John Zils hves posted the program for the event complete with the launching to lunching details. Be sure to have your spouse read it - the Abbey has special events for the family listed after the regatta info.