ILYA Lake Geneva Championship - No Wind - Again!

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13 August 2010

Summer 2010 - the Midwest is nearly unrecognizable. We begin the ILYA Champs with the ubiquitous NO SAILING DAY. We follow in the footsteps of X and Opti where someone forgot to turn on the switch. However, it seems we will gain two more boats due to our delay. Seems the Abbey had booming business and it did not dampen the spirits of the sailors. Note, reference to spirits.The Lynchmobile is cruising every afernoon with a half barrel of beer. Look for your favorite Geneva sailors driving the Lynch donation.


Perhaps the most thankless and most time-consuming job thus far has been the tireless service of ILYA measurer Dave Schmidt


The evening festivities began despite the lack of sailing. But Mexican it was with sailor Paul Wood providing  the entertainment.


Click here for the ILYA preview on Sailgroove. Stay tuned for the Melges Morning Show. It will be posted at the earliest opportunity once the wind condition and sailing schedule is determined for the day. The Sailgroove site integrated into and accessed by the above logo on our site, will keep you informed via the blog. Join in.