Buddy Melges & 'T' Freytag Tied for First at Big 'A' Inland

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16 August 2010


Photos by Pat Dunsworth

Three of the four lead boats are pictured here from a day they can all call SURVIVAL. It is reported the Melges crew spent the night at the shop repairing boats for today's racing which begins at 11:00. Buddy Melges was in a class by himself in race one leading bell to bell. But "T" Freytag stands in a tie with Buddy after sneaking by him in race two. Winds were reportedly a steady 23 and gusts put boats over, caused damage and frustration. One finger injury and loads of injured pride. At the end there were 13 of 21 standing in race two but only 12 who completed both races. Wendell Sherry wins the prize for highest cost - TWO ripped mainsails.

The results as of today show Geneva all the way. Don't let the M-4 fool you. Brian, Clifford and Davis Porter are on that boat and that's a lot of Geneva knowledge and boat handling.

1st I-7 TOM FREYTAG 2 1 3
2nd I-1 BUDDY MELGES 1 2 3
3rd M-4 JOEL RONNING 5 3 8
4th I-96 CHUCK LAMPHERE 4 4 8
6th M-1 ROB EVANS 6 5 11
7th M-35 CAR ZINN 10 9 19
8th V-8 MATT WEBER 12 10 22
9th M-8 TOM BURTON 16 8 24
10th J-311 JAY YAESO 13 11 24
11th M-10 JACK STROTHMAN 15 12 27
12th I-26 LARSON/KEEFE 14 13 27
13th I-12 TOM WHOWELL 22 DNF 7 29
14th V-911 TOM SWEITZER 7 22 DNF 29
15th M-2 JOHN DENNIS 8 22 DNF 30
16th I-44 WENDELL SHERRY 9 22 DNF 31
17th M-21 PATRICK HUGHES 11 22 DNF 33
18th M-55 HARRY ALLEN 22 DNF 22 DNS 44
18th U-1 GEOFF CATLIN 22 DNF 22 DNS 44
18th V-57 BRIAN HENKE 22 DNF 22 DNS 44
18th J-5 BILL WYMAN 22 DNF 22 DNS 44


PLEASE come down to visit Geneva. These boats are magnificent upwind and down. Softgoods are spectacular with the Big Inland logo on polos, hats, T-shirts, wicking shirts, hoodies. Jim Smith's favorite is a pair of boxers with I-L-Y-A boldlly and stratefically placed. To which Sue Weston reported, "I can't wear a pair of these. It says: I Love Your A. . . "

The following photos are from Ned Whipple, the flagship driver who came in from the course with the widest grin imaginable. Fun for sailors, RC and spectators alike.



The Shady Lady

BILGEPULLERS, take note. Click here for the ILYA preview on Sailgroove.There are  videos posted of the event thus far. Three wannabes are featured. Stay tuned for the Melges Morning Show which will continue with Andy Burdick as emcee for the A portion. All photos have been courtesy of Pat Dunsworth. .Photos are posted on the ILYA's Sailgroove site. You may load your photos also. Thanks to the cooperative effort of the RC, windward mark roundings were posted on ilyamedia.org and Facebook. More photos and news continue throughout the week.