Here Come The C's

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19 August 2010

Photos by Pat Dunsworth


What makes a great C regatta - FUN!! Sixty-seven C's are registered as of 7:00 last night. The first race begins at 10:05 -- those RC folks are particular, actually it's the first signal at 10:00 for warning. The C's promise a great time with the return of the wagon races and that is a sight to behold. Seven races are planned. But above the sailors are pictured the day before the event. This was BEFORE the gator went up the hill and dropped its valuable cargo. So are they wagon races or keg races?


As one of the major sponsors prepares for the first day of competition,here's a little advice. It is better to buy a Lynch car then ride with a Lynch. So give wide berth on the water unless tomorrow is a better day. This is AFTER Lynch hit a tree with his trailer. ----- W-I-D-E berth! But, seriously, thanks for the sponsorship and better luck on the water. It was just one of those days.

PRO Chip Mann calls the fleet together at 8:45 AM. Last year's winner Tim Krech will be the guest on the Melges Morning Show.