Augie Barkow wins Inland C

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23 August 2010

Photos by Pat Dunsworth


Team wagon won the whole shebang. One light air, painful race (for all but Patrick Lynch) brought the throwout into effect and the rankings changed considerably. Shown above are Augie Barkow, Jeff Niedziela and Lesa Gutenkunst from Pewaukee taking the 2010 title.

At the time of this writing, the results are not posted on the Geneva website.

  1. Augie Barkow
  2. Peter Keck
  3. Paul Reilly
  4. Will Haeger
  5. Ed Eckert
  6. Frank Davenport
  7. Chris Andert
  8. Jim Gluek
  9. Tim Krech
  10. Zack Clayton